Iain Dale outlines Brexit ‘red lines’ in EU trade talks and targets fishing sector revamp

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The political commentator told Express.co.uk that the UK will not exceed its demands on fisheries but that there is room for compromise during the trade talks with the EU. Mr Dale added that the British fishing industry has the potential to be massive in ten years’ time following the UK’s exit from the common fisheries policy. 

Mr Dale said: “I think anybody that goes into any negotiation has to have some red lines, sometimes those red lines get blurred in a negotiation.

“I think our red lines are that we won’t exceed to EU demands on fisheries, there may be compromises, there may be arrangements for Spanish fishermen, French fishermen to fish in British waters but that will be our decision to what extent that happens.

“Our fishing industry used to be massive and it is entirely because of the common fisheries policy that it no longer is and it now contributes a very small percentage to GDP.

“That is no reason not to look at this sector and think well in ten years’ time this could be transformed if we play it right.”

He added: “Fisheries has to be a red line in the sense that we have to control our policy.”

In May Lia Nici told Express.co.uk that the European Union’s fishing industry will be devastated if Britain decides to pursue a no deal Brexit and “take everything back overnight”.

The Conservative MP outlined that it would be counterproductive for the UK to try to negotiate a positive deal with the trading bloc by intimidating them.

However, the Great Grimsby MP stressed the devastating consequences the European Union’s fishing industry will face if a post-Brexit trade deal cannot be agreed upon.   

Ms Nici said: “I don’t think it is going to be helpful if we are trying to negotiate for a positive deal to scare the EU.

“Obviously, we are now a sovereign state, the reality is if we want to and we walk away from any deal we could take all of our fishing around our waters and our quotas and start from scratch.

“That would be devastating for the European fishing fleet.

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“Obviously, we want to make sure we get back more of our quota and we want it to be fair.”

She continued: “Obviously, if we go away with no deal then what that could mean is that we take everything back overnight and that would devastate the European fishing industry.

“We want to be sensible, we want to work with the EU.

“That is why the EU negotiators need to make sure the goodwill continues and get on with the job.”

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