‘Idiot of the month!’ Ferrari slams caller demanding NHS £1M fine for cancelled operations

NHS should pay £1m for cancelled operations say LBC caller

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Nick Ferrari shut down caller Dave from Chelmsford for suggesting the NHS should pay a fine of £1M in the event major operations get cancelled and branded him “idiot of the month”. The comments came as Rishi Sunak announced his proposal to fine patients £10 for missing NHS appointments if he become prime minister.

Mr Ferrari told the caller: “You might be the idiot of the month.

“You are the idiot of the month on August 1!”

The comments came as the caller suggested: “If an important operation is cancelled by the NHS, then they pay £10,000.

“If it’s life-threatening, [they pay] one million pounds.”

Sceptical about the suggestion, Mr Ferrari asked: “Sorry, who’s paying a million pounds?”

Caller Dave responded: “The NHS!

“If you’ve got an appointment for a major operation and the NHS write to you the day before and say, ‘sorry we can’t do it’…”

Mr Ferrari interrupted: “Well, maybe the consultant got Covid.”

Dave said: “I couldn’t care less!”

Mr Ferrari reacted: “Dove, you should care less!

“If you want a surgeon operating on you with Covid or a consultant looking at you with Covid, you’re nuts.

“You are the idiot of the month on August 1st.

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The caller said: “Oh, can I put that on my CV? Will you give me a testimonial?”

Mr Ferrari answered: “Yes!

“Thanks for having such a sense of humour”.

The comments followed Rishi Sunak’s proposal to fine patients £10 for missing their NHS appointments if he becomes prime minister.

Mr Sunak explained patients will be given the “benefits of the doubt” on the first occasion but subsequent skipped appointments would lead to charges of £10 each time.

Referring to his proposal, he told the Sunday Telegraph that he wanted to be “transformational” and “do something brave and different”.

He added: ”[As a Chancellor] I was frustrated that the focus of the Government was far more on spending money on public services, and there was not enough of a focus about reforming them”.

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