‘I’ll take no lectures from the left!’ Lee Anderson hits back at critics about food banks

Lee Anderson says he’ll ‘take no lectures from the left’

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The Conservative MP sat down with journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer. Mr Anderson discussed why he believes why those seeking help from food banks should get more help budgeting and help with cooking. The Tory MP said he was ‘no fool’ as he had managed to raise two children as a single parent for 17-years whilst working a ‘meagre’ wage. Many Brits have been turning to food banks in order to be able to eat, as some can no longer afford to buy food due to the recent increases in the cost of living.

Mr Anderson said: “then they sort of lose that stick they have to beat us with every single day in Parliament.

“Yes, there is a genuine need for food banks I know that, I’m no fool.

“But we can help people, help them budget, help them cook.

“Give them those life skills that they’re missing out on, what is so bad about that?”

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Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “Well lots of people are saying well look, again high paid MP, Tory…

“What do you know about things, but you grew up in a mining family didn’t you?”

Mr Anderson added: “I grew up in a mining family, we were not dragged up we had a good home.

“My mum and dad worked incredibly hard and when my dad didn’t have enough money after working 7 days a week down the pit, he got an evening job putting roofs on people houses.

Tory MP dismisses the need for food banks in the UK

Mr Anderson said: “You know we had chickens at the bottom of the garden, we had vegetables in the garden.

“And that sort of supplemented my mum and dad’s wages, so I’ll take no lectures.

“I myself, Julia, I was a single parent for 17-years with two children on a meagre wage so I know what I’m talking about.

“I will take no lectures from anybody on the left, anybody in the Labour party about me being out of touch.

“I’ve been there, I’ve been that man that has to put five quid in the gas meter on a Sunday night and been watching the meter spin round all week so I know exactly what I’m talking about.”

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Many UK families are struggling due to the increased National Insurance payments of 1.25% along with increased prices of food and energy, and a lack of increases to wages.

Director of UK Impact at Save the Children, Dan Paskins said: “What we are seeing now is something that none of us has seen in our lifetimes.

“People – including working families – are now avoiding cooking family meals and eating cold food in cold homes.

“Many simply cannot afford the costs of putting on the oven and cutting down on electricity. It costs around 21p to boil a kettle.

“If you boil the kettle twice a day for a month, it would cost around £12. It costs around 42p to cook something in the oven for half an hour (including the time to heat up), so around £12 to cook one hot meal in the oven per day.

“When you are counting every penny all these things become barriers and added up everyday tips people over into debt.”

Mr Paskins added: “People are living off sandwiches, bread, cold or tinned food. This is very limiting, reducing the nutritious meals that we want for our children. Food banks are also responding and we have found people are rejecting food that involves heating up. The government needs to act.”

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