‘I’m trying to feed my kids!’ Furious motorist screams at Insulate Britain blocking M25

Motorists and protesters argue over latest M25 demonstrations

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Footage has emerged showing a woman engage in a fierce argument with one protester who asked her “what is the point” in feeding her kids as she demanded the group move on from their latest demonstration on the M25 as they demand the government insulate Britain’s homes to tackle climate change.

The furious motorist can be heard shouting: “I’m trying to feed my kids. There is no point you trying to do something for my kids in the future if I cant feed them!

But one protester hit back questioning “what’s the use of feeding them” if there’s going to be “no future”

But the comment sparked fury from the driver who slammed back: “Whats the point in feeding them? What are you talking about!?

“I’ve got to feed my kids now, I need my money now to feed my kids now!

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“But you don’t get that! No, you don’t realise! You don’t get that.”

The protester insisted he understood the lady’s plight but was furiously slapped down.

She hammered: “You don’t! If you did you wouldn’t be blocking normal people like me trying to get to work to feed my kids.

“Go somewhere else that is not going to stop people getting to work!”

Insulate Britain protester dragged away by police near Heathrow

A total of 52 activists piled onto junction 14 of the M25 at around 8am on Monday morning for the sixth road block in just over two weeks.

Insulate Britain protesters said they are “incredibly sorry” about any disruption they have caused on the M25 but are “determined” to continue their campaign despite facing injunctions placed on them by the government last week.

Some demonstrators glued themselves to each other, while others attached themselves to barriers and the tarmac, while blue paint was sprayed onto the road near Heathrow Airport.

A Met Police spokesperson told PA news agency that 53 arrests had been made and lanes re-opened at around 11.10am.


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Victoria Lindsell, 66, a volunteer language teacher took part in the protests, she told PA: “We all understand the frustrations, but this is the only way to make the Government listen.

“We’re incredibly sorry, we’ve all been stuck in traffic jams, but to be inactive is a crime.”

She concluded: “I’m wet through and I’m cold, it’s not my choice but I cannot have the responsibility and not do anything about it. 

“People get disrupted in the motorways nearly every day anyway!”

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