Impatient dog throws strop over lack of food in hilarious viral video

TikTok user's dog has a hilarious reaction to automatic feeder

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Five-year-old Olive can be seen throwing a tantrum in front of her automatic food dispenser, which the Dogo Argentino seems to be convinced is malfunctioning because it won’t give her some food whenever she fancies it.

“That isn’t how it works,” her owner explains in the hilarious video, posted on TikTok by user @haileyhartt. “It doesn’t just give you food whenever you put your paw on it. I’m sorry!”

This isn’t enough to satisfy furious Olive, who responds with impatient barks as if urging her owner to fix the dispenser right away. “She thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy,” the clip caption explains.

Olive’s owner goes on to explain that the feeder is programmed automatically to give her food three times a day ‑ but the pup isn’t impressed by her measly diet, if her disgruntled whines are anything to go by.

When her owner reassures her that the feeder will be dishing up her next meal at noon, gutted Olive can almost be heard howling: “Nooo!”

TikTok users related to Olive’s hangry mood, with the funny clip being viewed over four million times on the site. Some commenters guessed at what she was trying to tell her owner.

“I will surely starve by noon mother!” one person commented.

“What about second breakfast?!” another said.

Melodramatic Olive isn’t the only dog who has been left unimpressed by her new diet. One golden retriever called Mango turned the puppy eyes on after being served up a tiny portion of kibble for dinner.

The adorable TikTok clip of Mango went viral after the dog’s unenthused reaction to her latest meal after being put on a diet by her vet led to an outpouring of sympathy from viewers.

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