‘Impossible to ignore’ Extinction Rebellion make comeback with wave of protests next week

Extinction Rebellion to make comeback with waves of protests

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Journalist Charlotte Lynch explained that the campaign group Just Stop Oil had merged with Extinction Rebellion, pledging to relaunch their protest campaign with a series of new demonstrations from next week. Both campaign groups are doing demonstrations to stop the use of oil and gas, as they want the UK Government to introduce renewable energy solutions such as wind farms. Reports came in of up to 35 Just Oil Protestors and Extinction Rebellion activists getting arrested at an Essex Titan Truck park, after blocking the area.

Ms Lynch warned Brits living in the capital of what to expect over the next coming weeks, as the activists plan of setting up in Hyde Park and spreading out from there across London.

She told LBC: “Extinction Rebellion have announced that they are going to start their latest wave of action in London, in the capital next week.

“I think there’s a lot of things we’ve been pleased to see the return of since Covid, but Extinction Rebellion for a lot of people, will not be one of them.

“It looks like it will be their first major wave of disruptive demonstrations across the capital, since 2019.

“Now we know the playbook, essentially they block roads, they make as much noise as possible, they glue themselves onto roads and lock themselves onto gates.

“Lamposts! They’ve even driven huge big pink trucks and boats into the middle of London roads and locked themselves inside, all to create as much attention as possible.

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Ms Lynch added: “And leaving our police working for hours to move them off.

“From they say next Saturday, they will start what they call mass participation on London’s streets that will be quote, more disruptive than ever.

“They say they’re planning the latest rebellions from April the 9th next Saturday, starting at Hyde Park, and they say it will spread throughout the capital and they will be impossible to ignore.

“They plan to do this daily, and this all coming from protestors from Extinction Rebellion and also the campaign group Just Stop Oil, which have been targeting oil facilities across the country.

Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion block oil terminals

Ms Lynch said: “In fact, just this morning they say they’re continuing to block oil terminals after at least 35 protestors were arrested yesterday.

“They say they’ve blocked access to the Titan Truck park in Essex and revealed these secret underground tunnels.

“They say at the navigator and grass oil terminals in Essex, they say this morning’s activity at Grays and Navigator means the main emergency roads to the critical oil terminals are closed.

“Now yesterday at least 34 of them were arrested after they obstructed ten sites across the South and the Midlands.”


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Senior Conservative MP,  Sir John Redwood slammed the Government over its decision not to be fully self-reliant on its own energy sources.

 Sir John Redwood said on Twitter:  “What other country would refuse to produce its own gas, insisting on importing instead?

“The Government says new wind farms are better, but they stop when the wind drops or when it blows too hard. “

Due to the Western sanctions on Russia and the cost of living crisis, gas and oil prices in the UK have skyrocketed.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the business, energy and industrial strategy secretary, took to Twitter to say: “This is no longer about tackling climate change or reaching net-zero targets.

“Ensuring the UK’s clean energy independence is a matter of national security.

“Putin can set the price of gas, but he can’t directly control the price of renewables and nuclear we generate in the UK.”

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