Insulate Britain compare climate change inaction to letting Nazis rise to power

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The eco group have caused chaos for motorists with a series of protests blocking roads across the country including the M25. And today the activists sparked a backlash for comparing climate change inaction to letting the Nazis rise to power in a now-deleted tweet.

The group posted on Twitter this morning: “Those who know and are silent now will be known as bystanders, just as those amongst the general population in Germany who were passive and indifferent to the rise of Nazi Germany and the escalating persecution that culminated in the Holocaust. #savelives.”

However, the environmental group deleted the tweet just hours later.

They then posted: “Those who know and are silent now will be remembered as painfully and cruelly as those who ignored the horrors of Nazi Germany.”

It comes after the Archbishop of Canterbury apologised for suggesting that failure to act at COP26 could be graver than leaders who ignored warnings about the Nazis in the 1930s.

The tweet by Insulate Britain prompted criticism from the Campaign Against Antisemitism and the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

A Campaign Against Antisemitism spokesman told MailOnline: “Comparisons to Nazi Germany risk trivialising the suffering and murder of the six million men, women and children who died at the hands of that regime.

“Archbishop Welby did the right thing by issuing an unreserved apology.

“It is startling that Insulate Britain should double down on the comparison and baselessly reference the Holocaust, which was a deliberate and systematic genocide, entirely different from the perceived climate apathy which the fringe group is protesting.

“Insulate Britain will find that making such comparisons will not strengthen its cause.”

Olivia Marks-Woldman, chief executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, added: “We are always disturbed when people invoke Holocaust imagery to gain support for their causes.

“We recognise that in some instances this is a well-meaning attempt to show a belief that a contemporary situation is on a par with the most appalling episode in our collective consciousness.

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“Unfortunately, it has become all too common for some in our contemporary culture to trivialise the suffering of those who actually experienced the Holocaust by making inappropriate and insensitive comparisons.

“The murder of six million Jews simply for who they were is not a matter for glib analogies.”

The tweet also prompted a backlash from some social media users.

One Twitter user with the handle @AlexNorthrop1 wrote: “Yeah I’m on your side but this one is a bit too far.

“The only thing that compares to the Holocaust is the Holocaust.”

Another user with the handle @GAM_London said: “To compare the climate emergency with the Holocaust is shameful and wrong on every level!”

A third, @AbriiD, added: “Using the Holocaust analogy here is not going to do the cause any good, neither is repeatedly blocking roads over and over and over. All this will do is lose you support. You need something new to do!”

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