Insulate Britain sparks fury after £2million Met cash spent on protests ‘Waste of money!’

Insulate Britain slammed by Labour MP for wasting police money

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Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds slammed Insulate Britain for costing the Met Police £2 million in the first four weeks of their protests, saying “it’s a waste of police money”. Mr Thomas-Symonds outburst came after campaigners from the offshoot of Extinction Rebellion glued themselves to the streets on Thursday as they were protesting outside Parliament.

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari said: “£2 million pounds well spent?” 

Mr Thomas-Symonds said on the phone: “No, it isn’t money well spent and it is extremely concerning and look, there is huge concern.

But the reality is that is a very small, tiny minority, frankly, of people who care about this issue.

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“I fear that what they’re doing is damaging the cause and hearing from Rachel a moment or two ago, I’m afraid to say there will be people across London.

“We were talking about the Met Police budget here specifically will have had particular issues dealt with that they otherwise would have done.

“This is really is a waste of police money,

“And again, it shows that these tactics are wrong and wrongheaded.”


Insulate Britain protesters blocked two roads around Parliament Square in Westminster Thursday morning in the latest protest to push the Government into devising a viable insulation strategy.

More than 60 activists gathered at Bridge Street by Westminster Bridge before approximately 30 of them glued themselves to the ground.

Insulate Britain campaigns for homes to be low energy by 2030 to fight fuel poverty.

Insulate Britain said in a statement: “We have exposed the government’s refusal to act on home insulation as cowardly and vindictive.

“Their refusal to protect our country and our children from the climate crisis is genocidal and treasonous.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has hit out at the group for “risking lives and ruining journeys”.

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