Intimate photos of Ghislaine Maxwell giving Jeffrey Epstein foot rub released

Raunchy, never-before-seen photos of Ghislaine Maxwell rubbing the feet of Jeffrey Epstein aboard his private jet were released by prosecutors hoping to prove the pair were ‘partners in crime.’

The photos show the pair kissing and hugging, aboard private jets and in other intimate settings. The racy photos were entered into evidence in Maxwell’s child sex-trafficking trial Tuesday, and had been discovered during an FBI raid of Epstein’s Manhattan home in 2019, FBI analyst Kimberly Meder told the court.

Three of the photos show Maxwell giving Epstein foot massages, with his bare feet pressed up against her chest aboard what appears to be Epstein’s private plane.

Several of the photos show Epstein with an arm around Maxwell — one sitting outside what appears to be a cabin, one on a plane, and another at a formal event, where Epstein is seen holding a phone to his ear.

The full album of 19 images reveal the one-time couple, longtime associates’ glamorous lifestyle taking private jets to exotic locations for trips. One photo shows Maxwell sunbathing on a yacht, while several others show them throughout Europe.

Prosecutors used the trove of photos to bolster their argument that the pair were so close, it stood to reason Maxwell participated in Epstein’s abuse of underage girls. Throughout the trial, prosecutor’s goal has been to prove the pair were ‘partners in crime’ in recruiting and grooming young girls from 1994 to 2004.

Other images revealed Tuesday in court show ‘Help Wanted’ flyers, presumably created by Maxwell, for a massage therapist.

‘Are you a massage therapist ?? Work in Palm Beach home,’ the flyer, written entirely in caps read, noting an offer of excellent pay and mostly weekend shifts.

Never-before-seen photos of Epstein’s ‘massage rooms,’ from both his Palm Beach, Florida home and his Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan were revealed in court earlier this week.

Photographs taken from a 2005 FBI raid of his Florida home, reveal its bathrooms and bedrooms, without featuring any explicitly sexual items.

Last week, Epstein’s green massage table was unfolded in court for the jury to see, and a former Palm Beach police officer testified it was the one seized from his property.

On Monday, a woman testifying under the pseudonym ‘Kate’ recalled the horrors of Epstein’s Florida ‘massage room’. Adding, that Maxwell asked her to help find other ‘cute, young, pretty girls, like you’ who could give Epstein oral sex.

Kate told the courtroom how Maxwell picked out a skimpy ‘schoolgirl’ outfit for her to wear while giving Epstein his ‘massage.’

Another victim, Jane, also said Maxwell pulled her into Epstein’s twisted inner circle and was just 14 when she began giving Epstein ‘massages’ at the guidance of Maxwell, who she said normalized the abuse, and on occasion even took part in it.

The third victim to testify, Carolyn, said that she visited Epstein’s mansion over 100 times — and that ‘something sexual happened every single time.’

Carolyn also testified that on one occasion, Maxwell groped her naked body before telling her she had ‘a great body for Mr Epstein and his friends.’

Maxwell, 59, faces six charges related to recruiting and grooming four underage girls for him. Prosecutors allege she helped recruit girls to give him sexual massages. Maxwell has denied all charges.

Lawyers for Maxwell have said that her accusers’ memories have been corrupted over time, and that she has become a scapegoat for Epstein’s alleged crimes because he is no longer alive.

Prosecutors are expected to call the fourth woman identified in Maxwell’s indictment to begin testifying as soon as Wednesday afternoon.

They have said that they may wrap up their case by Thursday, about two weeks faster than they originally forecast. The defense would then have a chance to present a case, but its unclear whether Maxwell will testify.

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