Is Olga Romanoff linked to the Russian royal family?

Princess Olga Romanoff discusses Prince Charles ‘link’

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Queen Elizabeth II has links to royal families across the world, as marriages between European royal houses have been common in recent centuries. The Queen is related to many of the current ruling European monarchs, but she also has links with monarchies which have now been abolished, including the Russian Romanoff family.

Who were the Romanoffs?

The Romanoffs were the reigning dynastic family of Imperial Russia for nearly three centuries.

But their control over Russia slipped during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra.

Alexandra was unpopular with the Russian people due to her German heritage and her devotion to Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin.

The last Romanoff ruler was Tsar Nicholas II, who abdicated in 1917 and was assassinated in 1918 by the Bolsheviks, along with Alexandra and the couple’s five children.

Were the Romanoffs related to the British Royal Family?

Many European royal families had considered offering the Romanoff’s refuge, including the British Royal Family.

The Romanoffs and the British Royal Family were related through a number of connections.

King George V was thought to be greatly distressed when he heard news of the revolution in Russia, as Tsar Nicholas II was his cousin.

George V’s mother was Queen Alexandra, (née Princess Alexandra of Denmark) and the Tsar’s mother was Empress Marie Feodorovna (née Princess Dagmar of Denmark), and they were sisters.

King George V’s wife Queen Mary was also a cousin of Tsar Nicholas II’s wife Alexandra.

Alexandra herself was also a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, as was King George V.

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But despite their familial ties, ultimately many of the Romanoffs were not saved.

In 1979, the bodies of the Tsar, his wife and three of his children were found and identified.

But the bodies of the Tsar’s daughter Anastasia and his son Alexei have long been a source of speculation.

Over the years since the Revolution, many have claimed to be one of the former Tsar’s children.

Is Olga Romanoff linked to the Russian royal family?

Some members of the Romanoff family survived the Russian Revolution.

Prince Andrei Alexandrovich, the eldest nephew of Tsar Nicholas II, escaped Russia on a British warship in 1919.

Prince Andrei’s daughter is Princess Olga Romanoff, who now lives in England and is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

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