Is the public falling out of love with Meghan over rumours of tantrums?

Stories of tantrums over tiaras, reports she’s been upsetting the royal staff and whether she’s really fallen out with Kate.

This weekend we’ve seen more newspaper reports that it’s not all happy families at Kensington Palace, some of which I have been told are total fiction. But it has become part of a theme.

After 2018 started with wall-to-wall excitement and largely positive stories about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, why has the tone of the coverage changed?

I have to say it has surprised me. After a hugely successful overseas tour and the news they’re expecting a baby next spring, I didn’t think there was the public appetite for negative stories about the Sussexes.

Chatting with crowds both here in the UK and during the tour I’ve found genuine affection and admiration for our new Duchess.

I’ve spoken to women who see her as a role model, and many Meghan fans have sprung to her defence on social media.

But while many of us love a good fairy tale, we can’t resist a story that appears to lift the lid on the private lives of the Royal Family.

Under the protection of anonymity some of those who are apparently close to Harry and Meghan have been happy to spill the beans.

Only they know why.

Do they feel they are putting the record straight or is it down to jealousy? Whatever it is, their stories are selling papers.

When Prince Harry and Meghan got married I think many of us had already decided where we thought this story would go: The Cambridges and the Sussexes all getting along like a house on fire.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have always appeared very close, Meghan we hoped would turn this powerful trio into the “Fab Four”.

But does it sound plausible that Meghan and Kate aren’t best friends? Yes.

They’re very different personalities, their lives have been poles apart and they’re both preparing for very specific royal roles.

Is Meghan being a diva? I don’t know.

But it is possible that she’s maybe put a few noses out of joint as she gets to grips with a more restrictive and traditional way of life.

Can I imagine that William and Harry have fallen out?

Not entirely but Harry finally settling down was always going to change the dynamic between the two brothers.

William joked that he hoped it would mean that Harry stopped raiding his fridge.

There’ll be no chance of that when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex move away to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

The fact we haven’t seen Harry and Meghan, Kate and William all out together since the formal setting of Remembrance weekend in November hasn’t helped to quash any rumours of a rift.

A vacuum of no new photo opportunities or joint royal engagements leaves plenty of time to speculate about what we think is going on.

I personally can’t wait for 25 December at Sandringham. I’ll be there as the Royal Family all head to church.

The cameras and the crowds will be out in force and no doubt every one of the Windsor clan will be on their best behaviour.

And I’m sure there’ll be plenty of us who can appreciate just what that is like, putting on appearances for the sake of simply having a quiet Christmas Day.

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