'It was mayhem' – Irishman hospitalised after 'assault by nightclub bouncers' in Manchester

A YOUNG Irishman was left hospitalised after he was allegedly attacked by nightclub bouncers during a night out in Manchester last weekend.

Craig Flynn (25) travelled with his girlfriend Niamh Kelly to Manchester on Saturday morning to watch a Manchester United football match.

Mr Flynn told Independent.ie that they met up with a couple of friends and that night the group went to a popular club in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, when he says he was attacked by staff members.

He said: “It was coming up to closing time, around 3am, we had on our jackets on and were all waiting for a friend to come back, just to make sure he knew we were leaving.

“That’s when a bouncer came up to us and said that it was time to get out, then he started raising his voice and getting really heated with us and swearing.

“It wasn’t like we were the last people in the place and were taking the mick and not moving, but there were plenty of other people still there and we had our coats on and were just were getting ready to leave.

“I told him we were just waiting on someone and that we were ready to go once our friend got back but next thing I know I’m being dragged by three or four bouncers.”

Mr Flynn claims that he was punched at least three times.

“I feel like I blacked out and I just remember being dragged up some steps by a couple of bouncers.

“I remember shouting that I would walk and there was no need to drag me, just to please let me know but they weren’t taking that into consideration.

“Luckily there were people who saw and pulled me away from them, otherwise I don’t know what could have happened

“It was mayhem, next thing I knew one of our friends had brought me away from the club and across the street, we called the police and they asked us what had happened and they talked to us and went to check out the CCTV.

“It all seemed to happen in a blink of an eye, I think I was just in a state of shock,” he said.

After speaking to the police Mr Flynn and his girlfriend then went to the hospital, where he was checked over in A&E.

“The doctors were happy nothing was fractured, but there was some soft tissue damage and swelling, I had cuts on my lip and eyebrow and I had to be checked over for a concussion.”

The doctors had to glue Mr Flynn’s eyebrow back together and he says that he was shaken by the incident.

He returned home on Monday but has said he has decided that he want to return to make a formal statement.

“I was told I would have to go back and forth to England if I want to pursue this but I don’t care, I’ll jump through hoops if I have to…

“Next time it could be someone who hits their head and dies.”

Mr Flynn, who works in the food industry, added that it would put him off going out in Manchester again.

“We have travelled a lot over the last few years and we have never had any kind of bad experience or confrontation, we’ve been to Manchester lots of times to go to the football so for something like this to happen is frightening.

“I wouldn’t be rushing back to Manchester’s nightclub scene any time soon, that’s for sure,” he explained.

A spokesperson for the club confirmed that a staff member has been suspended without pay while an investigation is ongoing.

They also said that they have been assisting police with their inquiries into the alleged assault.

They said: “Everyone involved has taken this very seriously and we are in constant contact with Licencing and our security agency to make sure everything we do as a bar is above board.

“We have also made contact with Craig. Our bar is in quite a busy area of Manchester and police presence is quite high, as mentioned in the original (Facebook) post put out by Craig’s girlfriend the police arrived within minutes of being called.

“They were on site here for roughly 45 minutes and in that time spoke with Craig, the lead security guard, the security guard in question, and both managers and staff who witnessed the altercation.

“They were shown CCTV of the incident as well as everything that happened before and after so they could get the full picture.

“The police themselves took their own video of our CCTV using their body cams and we have had to submit our own copies to both GMP and Licencing,” the spokesperson said.

They added: “Due to both the police being called and the injuries sustained we automatically suspended the security guard in question has been suspended from our door without pay until the investigation is concluded by GMP, Licencing and the Security Agency we use.
“It’s up to them if he works on our door or somewhere else after this. They have all the evidence to make a decision.

“We have and will continue to cooperate fully with them regarding the matter until it is resolved and they let us know the next steps.”

Independent.ie has contacted Greater Manchester Police for comment.

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