'It will be like living on the M50' – residents struggle to see beyond the negatives

Homeowners who could lose part of their gardens due to the controversial Bus Connects programme say that they are none the wiser on how it will affect them.

However, some residents – on both the Navan Road and Malahide Road on Dublin’s northside – fear the plans will only bring negatives, with little benefit for them.

Homeowner Patrick Manning (82) has been living on the Navan Road since 1972, and he says that the National Transport Authority (NTA) will have to do some convincing.

“I’ve no proper information and so we’re dealing with uncertainty. I can’t really make any decision,” Mr Manning said.

“If we get a consensus that no one wants to budge, then we won’t budge, and I’ll go with the consensus.

“If they can convince me it’s a great idea, which I doubt it very much…”

Mr Manning said that if neighbours stick together there’s nothing the NTA can do, stating that the residents will come together on the issue.

Lorna Leatham (45) moved into her home on the Navan Road only three weeks ago – although it has been in her family for many years.

“I would have concerns,” she said.

“When people invest in a home, it’s because we love it, we don’t want anything to happen to it,” she said.

“I don’t like that it’s out of our control.”

She said that noise pollution – if the buses get closer to her home – was another worry.

“You can see how busy the main road is.

“Because the traffic is so bad, if that was to get up closer… the noise is a worry as well, it’s going to be like living on the M50.

“I can’t see anything, only negatives to be honest,” she added.

Ms Leatham said that parking for visitors could also become an issue.

Over on the Malahide Road, resident Joe Jordan says that he fears his wheelchair-bound wife will struggle to get in and out of their garden if much is taken.

“It’s a bit awkward for us here.

“My wife is in a wheelchair, so if they take it in any further and traffic gets worse, she has a lot of appointments that she has to get in and out for, so it will be awkward for us,” Mr Jordan said.

He said that it’s a matter of waiting and seeing what exactly the NTA is proposing.

“It depends what they’re going to do.

“A little bit won’t make any difference,” he added.

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