‘It’s like North Korea!’ Britons condemn SNP’s new ‘brainwashing’ education programme

Nicola Sturgeon ‘won’t compromise on independence’ says expert

The SNP has launched a virtual learning platform to teach its members about party policies – and boost support for independence. Scots enrolled can take on up to 35 courses and 238 lessons – including one called “Party History”. Much like students in a school, members are rewarded with points and badges for their progress.

The so-called “SNP College” has already been condemned by Scottish Conservatives, who have accused the SNP of taking their eye off an already failing education system for pupils across Scotland.

And Express.co.uk readers have taken aim at Ms Sturgeon, with one accusing the SNP of “brainwashing” members and another comparing Scotland to the dictatorship led by Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “If Scotland have to set up a college to teach nationalism, it goes to show how desperate the country is and the standard of their education system.”

A second user added: “Seriously what is wrong with this woman. Brainwashing or what.”

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A third commented: “It’ll be like a North Korean re-educational centre to instil the political values of Kim un Nic… truly a worrying development.”

A fourth wrote: “Preaching nationalism, however wanting to join the EU at any cost seems like a disaster in the making!”

Meanwhile, a fifth added: “She must be stopped! This type of thing is totally unacceptable.”

Courses on offer from the SNP include one named “Party History”, which teaches supporters about the origins of the concept of Scottish Nationalism.

A second course, titled “The ALBA Method”, helps campaigners to persuade undecided Scots “to support SNP policies including Scottish independence.”

Peter Murrell, chief executive of the SNP and Ms Sturgeon’s husband, promoted the education programme in an email to party members.

He said: “There is something for everyone – from the newest member to the most experienced Campaigner.

“Check it out. You’ll kick off with an introductory course.

“After that, select a course that interests you. We’ve arranged the categories to help you move through, but you can select any course.”

Jamie Greene, Scottish Conservative Education spokesman, described the programme as a “vanity project” and condemned the record of the SNP in Government.

The West Scotland MSP claimed it was “beyond ironic to see the SNP set up their own college when they’ve spent their time in charge decimating thousands of college places across Scotland”.

He added: “Their 14-year stewardship of Scottish education has seen thousands of teachers lost from classrooms, subject choice reduced and the attainment gap widen.

“The SNP never tire of saying education is their number one priority, but no-one knew they meant educating their members on the history of the SNP.

“If only the SNP put in half the effort they’ve put into this vanity project into our actual colleges, they would be in a better place.”


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Meanwhile, parent campaigners said SNP should be focusing on reopening schools, which are closed until at least February due to the pandemic.

Education Secretary John Swinney has confirmed a further £45 million will be made available for local authorities to support schools and home learning.

SNP MSP George Adam also defended the record of the SNP Government and pointed towards record spending.

He said: “Thanks to the SNP, Scotland has the highest level of education investment per head in the UK – including over £576 million invested since 2015/16 in tackling the attainment gap.”

Mr Adam added: “While opposition politicians carp from the side lines, the SNP will be proud to stand on our record of tackling the attainment gap, boosting teacher numbers, cutting class sizes and investing record sums in education at the election in May.”

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