'It's very unsettling' – family forced to stay with relatives after learner driver smashes house

A Dublin family have been left homeless after their house was destroyed by a runaway car.

No one was injured when the car, with a learner driver at the wheel, crashed into the sitting room of the Valentine family’s home on St Aongus Road, Tallaght, on January 10.

Dad Tony Valentine was watching television in the living room when the car came crashing through the front window.

He was left buried in the rubble and had to push a door off himself before he could get out of the house.

Tony’s wife Siobhan and children Jessica, Erin and Ellie were luckily not in the house at the time.

However, the family have been forced to move in with family and friends while they wait for the damage to be repaired.

Siobhan said while she is grateful no one was killed, they have been left homeless.

“We’re going between family and a family friend’s apartment,” she said.

“Everything is up in the air at the minute. We’ve a long road ahead of us and it’s very unsettling.”

The family have been told it will take up to three months for repairs to be carried out on their home. In the meantime, they hope the council will provide them with a temporary home.

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