Jason Graham: Man jailed for life after raping and murdering pensioner Esther Brown in her own home

A man has been jailed for life after raping and murdering a pensioner in her Glasgow home.

Jason Graham, 30, was sentenced to a minimum of 19 years in prison over the killing of 67-year-old Esther Brown.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard how Ms Brown suffered horrific injuries before she died at home in the Woodlands area.

Her body was found on 1 June – four days after she was reported missing.

Three days later, officers arrested and charged Graham over her death.

He had previously been jailed for raping an elderly woman in 2013 and was being monitored by police as a registered sex offender at the time of the murder earlier this year.

Judge Lord Armstrong said Graham had committed the “gravest of crimes involving the most depraved actions” characterised by “utter brutality”.

Addressing Graham in court, he said his actions had caused “significant emotional harm” for Ms Brown’s family, adding: “Your victim was a woman who lived a fulfilling and rewarding life, devoted to helping others.”

Helen Moran, who did community work with Ms Brown, condemned the judge’s sentence outside court.

“It’s a worry for the community. He (Graham) poses a danger to anybody,” she said.

She described Ms Brown as a “wonderful person” and “much-loved and active member of the community”.

Sharon McKay, who also lives in the Woodlands area of Glasgow, added: “The impact of her death has been huge in the community.

“The sentencing is very disappointing as many of us in the surrounding community have been victims of perpetrators being let back into society. We need to see change in the justice system.”

Defence lawyer Brian McConnachie QC said Graham had “no recollection” of the attack, having been under the influence of drugs and having consumed a substantial amount of alcohol.

He spoke about Graham’s PTSD diagnosis after witnessing his mother’s suicide at the age of six, and how this had a lasting impact on his life.

“There is no doubt that this adverse childhood experience is certainly a contributory factor,” Mr McConnachie said.

Lord Armstrong said Graham’s PTSD “does not stop the offender being aware of his actions”, adding: “Excessive alcohol consumption does not detract from the nature of his actions.”

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