Jealous ex killed teen’s rabbit and set her house on fire after she rejected him

A teenager, 18, is suffering from bad anxiety and PTSD after her jealous ex-boyfriend killed her pet bunny.

Ethan Andrews, 18, poured petrol over Lauren Reynolds’ pet rabbit Spice’s hutch before setting it ablaze, with the explosion leading to a fire at the family property in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, on July 16.

Luckily Ms Reynolds managed to get out safely with her mum Lisa, 54, dad Darren, 47, and brother Alex, 21.

Ms Reynolds, who has had to give up her studies after the incident due to stress, said: ‘All I remember from that night was being woken up by my dad dragging me out of the house.

‘I was stood in the street in my PJs – there were fire crews everywhere and all our neighbours had been dragged out of their houses too.

‘All I cared about were my animals that were stuck inside, it was horrible.’

Her dad had ran back into the property to save her hedgehog Wrillo but it was too late for her bunny Spice, who she called her ‘best friend’.

Ms Reynolds’ four degus, dog and two geckos were also saved.

She did not want to believe her ex could be responsible for the fire when her brother suggested it but he was later detained by police in connection with the arson.

Officers arrested Andrews after reviewing a neighbour’s CCTV and finding petrol in a jerry can and a lighter in his car.

He had previously threatened his former girlfriend and her pets after she dumped him because he had become possessive and would call her 20 times in a row.

He told her he ‘it’s only over when I say it’s over’ and ‘I can’t wait for you to die’.

They had met while studying Animal Management at Shuttleworth College, in Bedfordshire.

Ms Reynolds added: ‘My rabbit Spice was my best friend and Ethan knew that. He target my innocent bunny just to get back at me.

‘Ethan tried to claim in court that he didn’t realise Spice would be in his hutch, but as my dad said ‘where did he think Spice would be, on a bloody night out?’

Andrews admitted reckless arson and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal at St Albans Crown Court and was sentenced to 32 months – 13 in prison and 19 out on licence.

Ms Reynolds and her family have only just moved back into their home.

The case was investigated by Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit.

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