Joe Biden's dog has bitten Secret Service agents 10 times in four months

President Joe Biden’s German shepherd Commander has bitten or attacked Secret Service agents at least 10 times in four months – and sent one to the hospital.

The Bidens took in the two-year-old pure-bred in December 2021, after reportedly giving away another German shepherd, Major, to family friends after his string of attacks on Secret Service and White House staff.

Commander’s attacks from October 2022 to January 2023 were revealed in 194 pages of US Department of Homeland Security records shared by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch on Tuesday.

In one particularly aggressive attack on November 3, 2022, a Secret Service official emailed colleagues that Commander bit an officer at a post ‘two times, one time in the upper right arm and a second bite on the officer’s thigh’. White House ‘medical treated the officer and made the decision to have’ the victim transported to a hospital.

An email the next day explains that Commander walked down the stairs toward the victim who was sitting with arms crossed and bit the officer in the arm. It states that when the officer stood up, Commander bit the officer in the leg. The victim ‘had to use a steel cart to shield… from another attack’ and ‘was in a considerable amount of pain’.

Two days after the attack, a Uniformed Division officer emailed the victim asking if he was ‘doing alright’ and wrote, ‘That’s freaking crazy that stupid dog – rolling my eyes’.

The victim replied: ‘My leg and arm still hurts. He bit me twice and ran at me.’

‘What a joke,’ wrote the Uniformed Division officer. ‘If it wasn’t their dog he would already have been put down – freaking clown needs a muzzle – hope you get to feeling better.’

On December 11, 2022, President Biden let Commander off-leash outside the White House and the dog attacked an agent, leaving him with ‘a bite to the left forearm resulting in bruising and approximately a 1 1/2 cm cut and a bite to the right hand on the thumb resulting a 1 cm cut’, the agent wrote. The agent was treated by White House medical.

A Secret Service memo on November 10, 2022, stated that First Lady Jill Biden was walking Commander in the Kennedy Garden when he bit a Secret Service officer on the left thigh. The officer had ‘bruising, tenderness and pain in the bite area’ and was treated by the White House medical unit, and a workplace injury report was filed.

In a January 2, 2023 email chain, a technical security investigator wrote that Commander squeezed his way through a door at the Bidens’ Wilmington lake house and ‘immediately bit/latched onto the lower right side of my back’.

On December 16, 2022, a Secret Service agent wrote, ‘I was walking across the complex and a dog bit my left arm’ and that it was a ‘dog bite, superficial laceration, contusion, soreness, and bruising’.

A Secret Service officer on December 24, 2022, wrote in an email about being bitten in the left forearm by the dog while fortunately ‘wearing multiple layers of clothing so it didn’t leave any marks’.

An October 5, 2022, email states that Commander was out for a morning walk when it jumped and bit an officer-tech in the ‘arm/wrist area’.

And a October 3, 2022, email states that Commander inflicted a ‘friendly soft bite’ on a special agent that did not break through the skin.

In an October 26, 2022, email, a Uniformed Division officer wrote that ‘Commander has been exhibiting extremely aggressive behavior’ and ‘came charging at me’. The first lady ‘couldn’t regain control’ of the dog and ‘he continued to circle me’. The officer concluded, ‘I believe it’s only a matter of time before an agent/officer is attacked or bit.’

A Secret Service officer emailed colleagues on November 14, 2022, saying that the dog barked ‘with a loud aggressive sound’. The officer said, ‘I made eye contact with him and grabbed the black chair I was sitting on and held it in front of me while backing up’ before a White House usher took control of the dog.

Judicial Watch obtained the records through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit after the Secret Service did not adequately reply to their December 2022 request for ‘records related to incidents of aggression and bites involving the Biden family dog, “Commander”’. There may have been more attacks by Commander, as his initial nine months at the White House and the most recent six months were not documented.

‘These shocking records raise fundamental questions about President Biden and the Secret Service,’ stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

‘This is a special sort of craziness and corruption where a president would allow his dog to repeatedly attack and bite Secret Service and White House personnel.

First Lady Jill Biden’s communications director Elizabeth Alexander said that the White House complex is a ‘unique and often stressful environment’ for family pets and that the Bidens are ‘working through ways to make this situation better for everyone’.

The Bidens had another German shepherd, Champ, that died in June 2021 aged 13.

Besides dogs, the first family in January 2022 welcomed a cat, Willow, to the White House. There have not been any reports of Willow attacking Secret Service staff.

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