Jogger groped girls' bottoms as he ran past then smirked at them

A paedophile jogger has been jailed after he targeted girls while out on his morning run.

Simon Murawski, who was previously convicted of possessing child abuse images, smirked after he groped teenagers’ backsides as he ran past them.

He claimed that he did it as part of a game and that he was ‘seeking an adrenaline rush’.

Liverpool Crown Court was told that he targeted an 18-year-old in Warrington on January 2 while she was out on her own.

Prosecutor Anna Price said: ‘She was upset and angry that her sense of safety in the area where she grew up had been damaged and she felt violated.’

Moments later he grabbed a 17-year-old’s backside just as her mother arrived in a car. They followed him and confronted him near Broomfields Leisure Centre but he denied doing anything.

The victim in the second incident said she no longer walks alone outside, suffers nightmares and relies on other people to get lifts everywhere.

Three days later he did the same to a 16-year-old as she walked with friends and looked back, smirking at them.

He then targeted a 15-year-old girl on April 5 as she walked on her own.

Miss Price said: ‘She said what scared her most was the man looked so normal and appeared to act in a way he felt was normal.’

A week later he groped another 15-year-old who was out walking with her mother.

The following day a police officer who recognised Murawski arrested him.

He went on to deny the allegations but was found guilty and he was jailed for three years.

Murawski, who represented himself, told the court he was ‘deeply sorry’ for what he put his victims through, adding: ‘I didn’t realise the damage that I was doing.’

Judge Swinnerton said Murawski ‘didn’t give any thought whatsoever’ to his victims’ feelings and was only interested in satisfying his ‘sexual urges and impulses’.

He said: ‘You have destroyed their confidence and feeling of safety in being able to walk around their own town.’

He will remain on the sex offenders’ register for life.

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