John Cleese confesses he ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ at King Charles’ Coronation

King Charles ‘looking grumpy’ ahead of coronation ceremony

John Cleese has revealed he could not help but view King Charles III’s Coronation through a comedic lens, and even went as far as to compare it to Monty Python sketches. The comedian confessed to GB News that he “lost it” when he watched the historic event on television with his wife.

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” he admitted, while visibly struggling to keep it together.

“All these people in these silly costumes, all taking things so seriously.

“I thought it was a [Monty] Python sketch.”

Cleese – who once played King Arthur in 1975’s Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail – explained that he “wasn’t laughing at the people because they were playing their parts really well”.

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He also had a snippet of advice for the “marvellous” Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who had to make numerous adjustments while bestowing the crown on the new King and Queen’s heads, saying: “He should have practised putting the crown on.”

Cleese is not alone in having mixed feelings towards the ceremony, with the Coronation receiving a mixed reception from viewers worldwide.

While the event was attended by A-listers such as Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Emma Thompson and Nick Cave, there were a couple of obstacles when British artists Adele and Ed Sheeran opted to decline their invitation to perform at the Coronation Concert in Windsor the next day.

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The Cure frontman Robert Smith reminded his Twitter followers of his anti-monarchy viewpoint by posting a cutting political cartoon on Twitter the day before the festivities on May 6.

It was confirmed in February that Cleese’s beloved comedy series Fawlty Towers would make a return to screens.

The comedian will write the revival, and star alongside his daughter, Camilla Cleese.

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