JSO trio who invaded Ashes Test and threw down orange paint deny trespassing

Three Just Stop Oil eco-warriors who disrupted an Ashes Test at Lord’s Cricket Ground by throwing orange powder on the pitch have denied aggravated trespass.

Jacob Bourne, 27, Judit Murray, 69, and Daniel Knorr, 21, stopped play during the second Test between England and Australia on 28 June.

They all pleaded not guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court to aggravated trespass having been accused of obstructing or disrupting a person engaged in a lawful activity.

According to the charges, having allegedly trespassed on the venue, the trio entered a “redistricted pitch area” and interrupted the match “by throwing orange powder on the pitch”. The group are disputing the trespassing allegations and say they want to hear proof the property is actually private, Westminister Magistrates’ Court heard.

Hussain Hassan, defending, said the trio think it is possible for a person to enter the field without a match being disrupted.


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