Judge tells Just Stop Oil activists he is ‘moved by their actions’

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Seven Just Stop Oil protesters blocked the Esso Fuel Terminal in Birmingham for 12 hours as part of a series of co-ordinated moves in April last year. The move caused chaos for drivers as scores of petrol stations were forced to close due to supply issues.

But Judge Graham Wilkin-son said he was “moved” by their actions at Wolverhampton magistrates’ mourt.

He handed all seven 12-month conditional discharges and made them pay £22 surcharges yesterday.

Paul Barnes, Paul Fawkesley and Alan Woods were each made to pay costs of £500, while Oliver Clegg, Jon Deery, Harley Brewer and Diana Hekt were charged costs of £250 each.

Addressing the group, Judge Wilkinson said: “It is unarguable that we are facing a climate crisis. Your aims are to slow or even stop the advance of global warming and preserve the planet.

“No one can criticise your motivations. Many of your explanations were deeply emotive and I am sure all listening were moved by them, I know I was. In simple terms, you are good people with admirable aims.”

The comments prompted one Twitter user to post: “He should be sacked. He’s supposed to uphold the law.”

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