Juncker mocks Britons as ‘part time Europeans’ for never sharing union’s policies – VIDEO

Jean-Claude Juncker made the comments in response to a question on whether Brexit is the “biggest failure” of his term. The European Commission President admitted Brexit was a “tragedy” but has to be considered as an “inner British problem”. He told Euronews: “It is a tragedy and it is a failure but I have to say I don’t think it is mine.

“I didn’t decide to have this referendum, I was not intervening in the referendum explanation because Prime Minister Cameron asked me not to intervene.

“Because this has to be considered as an inner British problem. We had negotiated an agreement with Cameron on different points.

“This agreement with Cameron didn’t play any role during the referendum campaign.

“The British were told for more than 40 years that yes they are in, but they don’t want to share all the policies which have been decided by the European Union.

“The British since the very beginning were part-time Europeans. What we need are full-time Europeans.”

The comments follow Boris Johnson publishing the no deal Yellowhammer documents after losing a crunch vote in the Commons earlier this week.

MPs voted by 311 to 302 in favour of a motion, led by former Tory attorney general Dominic Grieve, for the Government to publish dossiers detailing no deal Brexit plans and also required the Prime Minister to disclose information surrounding the prorogation of Parliament.

When publishing the document, Michael Gove sent a letter to Hilary Benn and said the Yellowhammer report is a “reasonable worst-case scenario” and not “a prediction of what is most likely to happen”.

The documents reveal that a no deal Brexit could trigger major hold-ups at channel ports, electricity price increased, shortages of some foods and delays to medicine imports. HGV delays of between one-and-a-half and two-and-a-half days would occur at Dover and public disorder could increase, according to the documents.

Last month Operation Yellowhammer documents were leaked to the press, detailing how Britain would be left vulnerable without a deal.

The dossier warned of shortages of fuel, medicine and food, protests, road blockades and chaos at the ports. It says: “There are likely to be significant electricity (price) increases for consumers.”


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The document also reveals: “Protests and counter-protests will take place across the UK and may absorb significant amounts of police resource. There may also be a rise in public disorder and community tensions.”

Mr Gove, the cabinet minister in charge of no deal planning, assured the Government had taken “significant additional steps to ensure that we are prepared to leave on October 31 deal or no deal”.

He said: “Any prudent Government will always plan for absolutely the worst case.

“In the last three weeks there has been a significant acceleration in what we’ve been doing.

“Yes, of course there are challenges in leaving without a deal, but there are also opportunities after October 31 if we have left with a clean break.”

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