‘Just not true!’ Sky News host clashes with Dr Shola over claims Caribbeans against royals

Sky News host hits back at Dr Shola over claim about royals

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Sky News host Niall Paterson clashed with Dr Shola this morning following the latest uproar to royal tours in the Caribbean. Mr Paterson hit back at Dr Shola’s “characterisation that the entirety of the Caribbean was against the Royal Family from the top-down” as “just not true”. However, Dr Shola disputed this, saying that even those who came out to see the Royal Family supported reparations for slavery and demanded more from the royals. 

The Sky News host said: “Dr Shola, I’ve got to say, they did not receive a uniformly negative response when they went on their royal tour.

“There were plenty of people who turned out to see them graciously, and they were happy, and they wanted to see the royals in the flesh.

“The characterisation that the entirety of the Caribbean was against the Royal Family from the top down was just not true.”

Mr Paterson’s correction was prompted by Dr Shola’s claim that the recent royal tours were “an insult to Afro-Caribbeans in those countries”.

She added: “It is also a testament that the Queen as head of state of those nations failed.”

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Dr Shola hit back against the Sky News host: “That is wrong. When you say plenty of people, compared to what? The number of the population?

“The people who did turn up were also believers for reparation.

“From the Cambridges to the Wessexes they came there unprepared to address the issues of the day.

“They went there to bask and prance around as if the British Empire still existed.”

Queen's efforts for African-Caribbeans questioned by Shola

This comes as the Queen has been urged to apologise by Caribbean protesters seeking reparations for the slave trade. 

The protesters tried to confront the Earl and Countess of Wessex during their recent visit to Saint Lucia.

The demonstrators came out during the royals’ walkabout in the town of Soufriere.


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They displayed banners reading ‘repatriation with reparations’ and ‘Queen say sorry’.

Earlier in the week, protesters in St Vincent and the Grenadines criticised their own government for allowing the trip.

Theo Thomas, 69, said: “It’s a shame that a so-called progressive government would be using our people as props to entertain members of the royal family and there has been no conversation about reparations.”

Last month the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge faced similar demonstrations in Belize, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

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