Just Stop Oil activist slammed over emergency services chaos

Patrick Christys says 'could be someone's mum dying' to activist

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Mr Skeet faced questions about blocking ambulances from responding to emergencies because of activists forming road blockades. Mr Christys slammed the group and showed clips of Just Stop Oil protesting by sitting on busy London roads whilst an ambulance with flashing blue lights tried to drive down the street. The news host erupted and claimed that someone’s mum could be dying, due to the emergency services being disrupted. Mr Skeet insisted that one of the protesters was there pointing out a route around the human blockade. The climate activism group has faced criticism and major backlash from ordinary people due to the chaos caused by their ongoing demonstrations around the country and the capital this week.

Mr Christys said: “Just look at that, bring that back up because look… You did say to me yesterday that you had a blue light policy.

“That ambulance has got blue lights on, and your lot are still sat in the road. That could be someone’s mum dying!”

Mr Skeet told GB News: “Actually there’s one of our guys pointing the route round on there.

“What I would say is that… Look we’re asking, I agree with you… For what it’s worth I agree with you.

“I think it’s ridiculous that it’s down to nurses, doctors, cleaners and barman to be sat in the road demanding what the Government should just be doing.”

JUST IN: Just Stop Oil activists block ambulance and fire engine with protest on busy road

Mr Christys added: “What what… That’s not letting someone… Look the blue lights are on, someone needs emergency care and you’ve got people lying in the road there.

“And also it’s all very well and good saying well, we might let them out the way, we want to let them out the way.

“How can you let them out the way if you glue yourselves to something?”

Mr Skeet said: “Patrick, why are we not talking about the real disruption here when we hit 40 degrees C, earlier on in the year the London fire service had their busiest day since the Blitz, why do we not talk about that.”

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Piers Morgan clashes with Just Stop Oil protester

The activist group have been upping the ane with their intense demonstrations this month.

Almost every day a  group of protestors has taken to the streets of busy areas in London in order to protest against the use of oil.

The group claim that they just want the Government to take action and listen to them, but they have been slammed for the way they choose to get attention as it often inconveniences ordinary working Britons.

People who have to travel to work and people who have to drop off and collect their children from school, along with those in serious need of medical attention from the emergency services have been affected most by the climate activism group.

Spiked Online Chief Political Writer Brendan O’Neill slammed protestors for disrupting ordinary people.

Mr O’Neill wrote: “It was a battle of the classes.

“Young working-class men in building gear pleaded with the eco-hysterics to let them go home.

He added: “Just Stop Oil isn’t only inconveniencing working people, people who are economically and socially productive. They’re also harming the ill and vulnerable.

“Today they blocked both a fire engine and an ambulance.”


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