Kate and William labelled ‘out of touch’ and ‘not hard working’ as living crisis bites

Prince William and Kate are 'out of touch' says Vine caller

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William and Kate, both 40, are already taking on more responsibility in order to shape the future of the Royal Family. However, the couple have been criticised by Graham Smith, chief executive of anti-monarchy campaigners Republic, for their “pitiful” number of engagements and for being “out of touch” as millions of people across Britain face the ongoing living costs crisis.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine, Mr Smith said: “I have gone through the work they do and what they do is very little.

“If you go through the Court Circular on their website, the number of engagements that William does is pitiful.

“It’s a handful a month.”

He continued “He [William] goes for weeks without doing anything”, claiming that “these are not hard-working people”.

He said: “The monarchy does not do anything positive for Britain.!

Host Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije then spoke to a caller called Jhene.

Jhene claimed that they are “not a monarchist” but agreed with Graham, that the couple are “out of touch”.

The caller added that Kate and William are being forced to look like a “God and a Goddess”.

William and Kate: Windsor move 'raising eyebrows' says host

Kate and William are set to move to Windsor next month.

They will be moving into Adelaide Cottage, a four-bedroom home located close by to the Queen’s home, Windsor Castle.

Earlier this week, Palace Officials confirmed that all three of their children will attend Lambrook School in Berkshire.


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Earlier this month, 9honey’s Natalie Oliveri discussed the Cambridge’s move on Australia’s Today Show.

She stated that the family-of-five’s new home will offer them more “privacy away from the cameras”, compared to their current London residence.

Their move is reported to take place just before the new school term begins next month.


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