Kate and William ‘won’t tell Sussexes anything’ at Coronation

King Charles III coronation details revealed by Palace

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Kate, the Princess of Wales, and Prince William “won’t tell anything” to the Sussexes about the upcoming Coronation plans because of fears “everything’s for sale” when it comes to the Royal Family, a commentator has claimed. News Corp columnist Louise Roberts says everyone close to Prince Harry and Meghan is “terrified” given every indiscretion or every “aside comment” could be magnified for an American audience in order for the pair to make a profit.

Talking to Sky News Australia, Ms Roberts spoke about King Charles III’s upcoming Coronation and discussion around recent issues relating to the Sussexes. She claimed Harry and Meghan are becoming “increasingly more outrageous in their claims”. She said: “Who knows what they’ll say after they leave the UK and go back to America after the Coronation. But the problem is that anyone who could be close to them, for example, William and Kate, won’t tell them anything. Everyone’s terrified, everything’s for sale, every indiscretion or every aside comment could be magnified for an American audience in order to get them a profit.”


Meghan and Prince Harry ‘still have plenty of time’ to accept King’s Coronation invite

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may still have “plenty of time” before they need to confirm whether they will travel across the Atlantic to attend the Coronation of King Charles, an expert said.

Dr George Gross, visiting research fellow in Theology at King’s College London, said that, unless the official invitations sent presented a set RSVP deadline after which guests can no longer express their wish to attend, Meghan and Prince Harry don’t need to be in a hurry to make up their mind about heading to Westminster Abbey for the historic event.

He told Express.co.uk: “In a bygone era, if we’re going back to the Tudors and the Stewards, if you received a summons to the Coronation, attendance wasn’t optional, you couldn’t say ‘I’m not free’, you’d attend. But obviously in the 20th and 21st century, things have been different.

“Given that we don’t really know that all the formal invitations have gone out yet, I think they’ve still got plenty of time.”

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