Kate attacked by Sussex fans for ‘copying Meghan’s style’ at latest outing

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit The Foundling Museum

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Kate and Prince William headed to Clitheroe Community Hospital in Lancashire for their second joint engagement of the year. But, as pictures from the visit emerged, one fan of Meghan Markle accused the Duchess of Cambridge of copying her sister-in-law’s style.

Referring to Kate’s choice to wear a beige coat, the Twitter user named Shaz wrote: “She bought all #MeghanMarkles coats

“Kopy Kate in her Kopy Koats. No more Coat dresses for Kitty.” 

This tweet was liked by another fan of the Duchess of Sussex with the nickname Les Sussex. 

Another Twitter user named Alison Gorry, replied to this comment saying Kate’s outfit wasn’t surprising. 

Over the past decade, Kate appears to have favoured coat dresses but has also been seen wearing jackets and more traditional coats. 

Meghan donned a stylish beige coat on one of the engagements carried out during her public visit to New York with Prince Harry in September.   

However, Kate appears to have first donned this beige coat during an event in March last year – months before the Duchess of Sussex’s outing in the Big Apple. 

While wearing it buttoned up, the Duchess of Cambridge wore the beige coat while visiting the Newham ambulance station in East London with Prince William.  

Other fans of the Duchess of Sussex had taken to Twitter on Wednesday also to accuse Kate of copying Meghan’s style and choice of coats.  

Referring to the outfit donned by Kate during her visit to the Foundling Museum, Twitter user Cindy wrote: “Kate was seen today with her hair parted in the middle wearing a pantsuit, and wearing a coat with the collar popped, just as Meghan wears her coats.

“It’s bad enough Kate copies Diana’s clothing, but now she is trying to look like Meghan!”

Meghan wore a vibrant blue coat during an engagement at Kensington Palace in 2018 celebrating Hubb Community Kitchen.  

She also donned a series of trousers suits during her September trip to the Big Apple.

Another Twitter user, Sherina Gallagher, replied to fellow social media user Carol-ann McKnight complimenting Kate for knowing “how to make the most of a winter coat”.

In her reply, Sherina said: “She definitely knows how to copy Meghan’s winter coats you mean.

“Kate never dressed this way before Meghan arrived.

“We rarely saw her wear dress trousers and monochromatic assembles like this.”

For her visit to the Foundling Museum, Kate re-worn a coat she had first donned two years ago for a visit to the Stockwell Gardens Nursery and preschool.

Much like yesterday, she donned on that occasion too a pair of trousers and a jumper.   


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