Kate follows in footsteps of King Charles with book signing

Kate Middleton visits Harvard during royal trip to Massachusetts

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The Princess of Wales has echoed the actions of a young Prince Charles with her engagement at a specialist Harvard University research facility. During a visit to the Center on the Developing Child, Kate signed a historic visitors book which hosts the 1986 signature of King Charles. When the coincidence was pointed out to her, the Princess remarked: “Amazing!”

During the visitor book signing, the Princess quipped: “As a mother, you sort of have to work out which month or year you are in.”

Her candid statement received warm smiles from the surrounding academics, who appeared to sympathise with the hectic life of parents.

Throughout the visit, the Princess appeared at ease surrounded by researchers and other Harvard staff and was thoroughly engaged in conversation.

The trip marks a continuation of her work to bring attention to the importance of early years development, a matter she is understood to be extraordinarily “passionate” about. 

King Charles visited Harvard University back in 1986 to mark the 350th anniversary of the institution.

The university, founded in 1636, is America’s oldest educational institution and world-renowned for its teaching standards and groundbreaking research projects. 

The four-day celebration included a speech from the then Prince Charles to an audience of some 16,000 guests.

At the time of the visit, a New York Times celebrated the King’s speech for his use of “candid” language and “self-deprecating” humour. 

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