Kate Middleton labelled ‘perfectly perfect’ by uncle after Sussex …

Prince Harry and Meghan criticised by Gary Goldsmith

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Kate Middleton has been defended by her uncle following attacks made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in their recent Netflix miniseries. Gary Goldsmith told Dan Wootton that the Princess of Wales was “borderline perfectly perfect” and a “very very classy” lady.

Asked about his reaction to the series, Mr Goldsmith admitted that he found the Sussexes interview with Oprah Winfrey last year “quit dark” after things became “personal”.

The recruitment consultant admitted that he had a “hissy fit” on social media but couldn’t stand a “bad word” being said about his niece.

He said: “When it became so personal following the Oprah interview.

“It was just quite dark and I just thought the whole thing was becoming untenable.

“I had a bit of a hissy fit on social media and as result of that people were asking questions.

“I think it just got to that point where there over there. There taking potshots at us as a nation.

“The Royal Family which I love and then my niece.

“I just didn’t want anyone to have a bad world said about my niece because she is borderly perfectly perfect.”

Asked by Mr Wootton what the Duchess of Cambridge was really like, Mr Goldsmith confirmed that contrary to what was implied in the Netflix documentary, she does hug and was very similar to her public persona.

He said: “She does hug, she is open and the Kate that you see is the real Kate.

“I think they had to work very hard on that Netflix series to find one picture where she might not have looked radiant, glowing and full of love and they used it repeatedly.

“Kate is a really special girl. She’s a commoner, now there’s nothing common about Kate she’s exceptional.

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“I think she’s melted into a role and she takes her role and responsibility and that sense of privilege incredibly seriously.

“And it’s family, monarchy. It’s very difficult to express anything without using superlatives when it comes to Kate.

“From tomboy to princess, it has been a fairytale. If you were to meet her you’d feel instantly special.

“And if there is anything common about her it might be that common touch.

“Where she can just beam at you just melt. She’s a very very classy lady.”

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