Kate Middleton lookalike fears for work amid royal rift

Kate Middleton at Together at Christmas carol concert

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A Kate Middleton lookalike has said she fears she can longer work with doubles for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the publication of his memoir ‘Spare’. The book has created further fractures in the Royal Family after the Duke of Sussex made a number of explosive claims about the Firm.

Heidi Agan has expressed concern over working with ‘Harry and Meghan’ due to the drama amongst the royals.

The 42-year-old has spent the past few years travelling the world with other lookalikes but now fears work could dry up.

Prince Harry’s memoir goes into great detail about the Prince’s private life, from tension with his father and brother, to his dabbles with drugs, and his grief over losing his mother.

Ms Agan, who is originally from Cheslyn Hay, referred to his comments about the royals as a “cesspit”, according to Birmingham Live.

She said about the rift: “I just find it all incredibly sad.

“I think that Harry and Meghan have probably been misunderstood.

“Because I’ve got an American husband, I’m a little bit sympathetic, because Americans can be a little bit more dramatic than the British. As British we’ve found it difficult to swallow, a lot of what she [Meghan] says.”

The doppleganger added: “It’s a family drama that doesn’t need to be played out for all to see. I don’t think they [Royal Family] should comment as it’s a private matter.

“I wish all of them all the best and hope they can resolve it but it’s so sad. It’s kind of like when we expected the Queen to live forever, we also have this misconception that they’re our family and we want them to be happy and so it’s probably unnerving for us all.”

She added that the family fallout had already impacted her work, saying: “From a lookalike perspective it’s sad we don’t get to work with our Harry and Meghan anymore.

“We’re this strange alternate family… we all get on and are friends, so when that happens we don’t get to work with them anymore. It does have an impact on what we do.

“Everybody asks me what do you think about her [Meghan]. We don’t really know, we only know snippets, nobody will ever know the full story, it’s difficult to make an informed opinion.

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“It’s divided people at a time where there doesn’t need to be more division. There’s so much going on with the economy and the war in Ukraine. Everybody wants unity, peace and calm.

“He obviously wanted to air his grievances, but if you look at Twitter it’s an absolute cesspit. The divide on social media is awful to see.”

She concluded: “I kind of now just want him to be done. They’ve said their piece, so best of luck to them and I hope they can find their happiness.”

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