Kate Middleton: The heartwarming title Kate will be given when Prince Charles is King

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Kate Middleton became a Duchess on her wedding day, as her new husband Prince William was created the Duke of Cambridge by the Queen. William’s father Prince Charles is heir apparent, and is one day expected to be King. When Charles ascends the throne, Kate and William’s titles are expected to undergo a major shift.

As the male heir to the throne, Prince Charles is the current holder of the traditional title Prince of Wales.

He is the longest-serving Prince of Wales in history, having first acquired the title in 1958.

The Prince of Wales title was first used by an English heir to the throne in the 14th Century.

But the title is not automatically given to a male heir, as the decision to appoint the Prince of Wales lies with the monarch.

One day when Prince Charles becomes King, it is expected Prince William will become the Prince of Wales, as he will then be heir apparent.

The Constitution Unit at University College London (UCL) explain: “Charles was created Prince of Wales in 1958 when he was aged 10, with an investiture at Caernarvon Castle in 1969.

“As an adult, Prince William might expect to become Prince of Wales soon after his father’s accession; but that will be a matter for the new King to decide because, strictly, the title is not heritable.”

Although the decision will be Charles’, there is a strong historical precedence for the title to be used by the next in line for the throne.

So we can assume for now that Prince William will become Prince of Wales when his father is King.

And if William takes on the new title of Prince of Wales, it also means his wife Kate will receive a new title too.

Kate would become the Princess of Wales, and would likely be styled as Catherine, Princess of Wales.

When Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981, she was styled as Diana, Princess of Wales.

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The current holder of the Princess of Wales title is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, but she does not use the title publicly out of respect for Princess Diana.

After the Queen dies, Prince Charles would naturally ascend the throne – unless he decides to abdicate in favour of Prince William.

But assuming Charles does take his place as King as assumed, there is some confusion over whether Charles will actually ever be known as King Charles.

British monarchs have the option of choosing a regnal name different from the one they were born with.

Prince Charles was born Charles Philip Arthur George, and could therefore decide to reign as King Philip, King Arthur or King George.

Former Buckingham Palace press spokesman Dickie Arbiter told the BBC in 2005 that by using the name George as his regnal name, Charles would be making a touching tribute to other members of the Royal Family.

Mr Arbiter explained Charles would be paying tribute to both his grandparents, King George VI and the Queen Mother.

He said: “It would not just be a tribute to his grandfather, but a sort of loving memory to his late grandmother, whom he absolutely adored.

“When she died in 2002, he was absolutely devastated.”

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