Kate praised for relatable moment during Earthshot—’She’s all of us’

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive at Earthshot Prize

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The Prince and Princess of Wales attended The Earthshot Prize at MGM Music Hall at Fenway on Friday during their visit to Boston, Massachusetts. Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales posed for photographs and waved at the crowd who gathered around the green carpet to get a glimpse of the royals and celebrity guests. The couple then took centre-stage at the star-studded awards ceremony, with William speaking out on the world’s environmental crisis and Kate presenting one of the £1million prizes. 

The Prince, who met US President Joe Biden shortly before the awards, said humankind could overcome the threat of global warming and other crises facing the planet, urging the world to find solutions to fix them.

He told the Earthshot event: “When I founded this prize in 2020, it was with the ambition to harness the same spirit of ingenuity that inspired President John F Kennedy to challenge the American people to put a person on the Moon within a decade.

“So it has been an honour to share the stories of our Earthshot winners and finalists from the heart of his home town. I believe the Earthshot solutions you have seen this evening prove we can overcome our planet’s greatest challenge. By supporting and scaling them we can change our future.”

The Princess of Wales took to the stage to present the award in the Clean Our Air category to Mukuru Stoves, a Kenyan company that creates safer, cleaner cookstoves.

Kate clapped and watched in admiration as a video told the story of the company’s founder Charlot Magayi, who designed the product and established the company after her daughter suffered burns from a substandard stove.

It was this moment that endeared Kate to some of the viewers, with royal commentator Roberta Fiorito commenting on the Princess’ nerves ahead of the presentation.

Speaking on the latest episode of her podcast Royally Obsessed, Ms Fiorito described Kate’s body language and pinpointed key signs that the royal was feeling the pressure. 

“A lot of people were commenting on how straight Kate sat the entire time,” she told her co-host, Rachel Bowie. “And she was just so poised — shoulders back — but she was sitting halfway on the seat and so straight, she just looked so uncomfortable.”

“I was like, ‘is it the dress? Is it just because the spotlight is on her the entire time?’ And we noticed she was kind of fiddling with her emerald choker a little bit and we were like, ‘Is it tight? Like what’s going on there?’ She was flipping her hair a lot.”

Ms Fiorito added: “There was so much nervous energy until after she presented her award.” 

Ms Bowie interjected: “She’s all of us! The nerves,” to which her co-host responded: “Yeah, then it was like, relaxed Kate and she could totally just breathe.”

The Princess of Wales’ struggles with public speaking are well-documented; when she was first introduced to the royal fold, Kate was not especially comfortable with that particular element of royal duty. 

After her first public speech in 2012, the then-Duchess of Cambridge reportedly told a guest: “I find doing speeches nerve-racking.” 

Following that, Kate did not deliver frequent speeches, prompting some to question why the public wasn’t hearing a huge amount from the future Queen. 

Public speaking expert Susie Ashfield told Express.co.uk in 2020: “Whilst The Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to talking on camera, it’s alleged she finds public speaking uncomfortable and is naturally somewhat introverted.

“She generally shies away from the limelight, preferring to not generate unnecessary publicity.”

However, in recent years, Kate has become more and more accustomed to speaking in public, and when comparing newer speeches of the Princess’ with earlier ones, the development is clear.  

“The Duchess has come a long way since the first time her voice was publicly heard at the official announcement of her engagement to Prince William… With a restrained smile, determined hand movements and extended pauses, Her Royal Highness has the glowing confidence of a newsreader, and there’s not a word (or a hair) out of place,” Ms Ashfield said.

When Kate presented the final prize at the first Earthshot Awards in October last year, she was praised for delivering a “brilliant” speech. 

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “I’m so proud of how far she’s come! We all know how nervous she is with public speaking and she did brilliantly.”  

Another praised her “confident” appearance which showed “no sign of nerves”. 

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