Kate ‘raises eyebrows’ after Duchess takes on honour spot as Queen misses ‘sacred’ event

Kate Middleton: Commentator on balcony placement

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge has been praised for “stepping up” in recent weeks after the Queen’s health has deteriorated. On Sunday, the Duchess joined fellow senior working royals including the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex, and Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence at the Cenotaph in London. It was announced by Buckingham Palace that the Queen was to miss the Remembrance Sunday service in London as she had sprained her back.

9Honey’s royal commentator, Natalie Oliveri, spoke to Today Extra host Ally Langdon about the Remembrance Sunday service. 

Ms Langdon said: “Kate Middleton took the centre of the balcony spot, which has certainly been a point of discussion.” 

Ms Oliveri stated: “The Queen normally watches the service from the balcony of the Foreign Office, which is where Kate, Camilla, and Sophie the Countess of Wessex watched.

“Normally they’re separated, so they’re across three different balconies, but this time the three most senior royal women after the Queen were on the one balcony.

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“The Duchess of Cambridge was in the centre, and all three royal women have increased their royal duty since the Queen was ordered to rest by doctors on October 20.”

She added: “We also saw Prince Charles lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of his mother.

“That’s something Prince Charles has been doing since 2017 when a number of concessions were made for the Queen’s age.

“There are beliefs that this the absence of the Queen was really due to mobility issues and fatigue because of travelling from Windsor Castle to London.

Queen's body 'not quite as capable now' says royal expert

“And also standing in the cold on the balcony outside is not really good for a 95-year-old.

“[The Queen] having to carry that wreath was stopped back in 2017 because of its weight.”

The Queen’s mobility was brought into question last month when the monarch was spotted using a walking aid. 

It was the first time she has been seen publicly with a walking stick in 17 years. 


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It has been more than three weeks since the Queen attended a public event.

Last month the monarch hosted a reception for business leaders at Buckingham Palace ahead of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

That week she cancelled an official visit to Northern Ireland, saying that she was under doctor’s orders to rest. 

Since then, the Queen has cancelled all public visits and has been staying at Windsor Castle. 

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