Kate ready to ‘rewrite royal rulebook’ as Princess wants to ‘impress’

Kate Middleton visits school to celebrate Antarctica expedition

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Kate, the Princess of Wales has shown she is prepared to “rewrite the royal rulebook” to better connect with the public as she builds up to her future as Queen, a body language expert claimed. Despite a slow start on royal duties, which sparked criticism in her early years as a Duchess because of the number of engagements she conducted, Kate has now emerged as a confident and willing royal. Darren Stanton highlighted Kate’s increasing move away from royal stiffness during her first visit to Cornwall this week, where she discussed the training regimen of Captain Preet Chandi for her trek across the Antarctic.

Stanton said: “Footage of Kate pulling the tyres along clearly demonstrates her willingness and confidence, as well as her ability, to blend in with those around her.

“It’s difficult to imagine any member of the Royal Family allowing themselves to be filmed and photographed in those surroundings and just goes to show how Kate is keen to look past protocols and rewrite the rulebook when it comes to how she and William portray themselves to the public.

“Kate looks genuinely happy to be taking part, you can see the determination in her face to impress and she looks back towards her audience reassuringly for their encouragement.

“Keen to get stuck in, we see Kate in the footage taking instructions from others quite willingly.”

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Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casin, the body language expert added: “This is probably the most understated we have seen Kate.

“She is dressed down in very casual clothing – again a subtle sign from her to appear relatable and on a similar level to those she is interacting with.

“She is wonderfully confident in her own skin, denoted by her relaxed posture, her genuine smiles, her face continuously fully engaged and she isn’t afraid to show, that at times, she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

“Since becoming the Princess of Wales we have seen Kate develop in great confidence and this desire to connect with her subjects is a sure sign that she’ll go on to make a much-loved Queen.”

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The Princess of Wales and Prince William faced accusations of being work-shy in the past but family friends had insisted the pair had made clear their primary focus would be their children.

The insider said: “The have taken the decision to put their children first. Not everyone will agree with it and they completely understand that, but that’s not going to change the way they run their lives.

“They know they are in the very fortunate position of being able to employ a full-time nanny but Kate is a very hands-on mother.”

But with Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4 now in school and the King recently ascending the throne, Kate and William have significantly stepped up their duties.


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The couple has also started to involve their two eldest children in public duties when the whole Royal Family is involved.

George and Charlotte accompanied their parents on a visit to Wales last June to mark the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

They also made their carriage debut at Trooping the Colour alongside their youngest brother Prince Louis, who won over the public with his cheeky behaviour.

Since becoming Princess of Wales, Kate has also launched a new campaign to improve conversation and research into the impact early years have on the development of children.

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