Kate to add extra title to Duchess of Cambridge style when Prince Charles is king

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Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge will add an extra title to their name when Prince Charles ascends to the throne. The Duke and Duchess will take on the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall that Charles and his wife Camilla currently hold. Kate is also likely to automatically take on the style of Princess of Wales if Charles agrees to bestow the title to his eldest son and heir.

CNN anchor Max Foster discussed Kate’s future titles on TikTok: “William was born as a Prince, the grand child of the Monarch the Queen.

“When Kate married William, she automatically became Her Royal Highness Prince William of Wales but she doesn’t use that title.

“The couple preferred to go by a separate set of titles that Queen gave them that day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

He continued: “When Charles becomes King, William will automatically inherit the title, the Duke of Cornwall and he will become known as the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge and Kate will be the Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

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“And the convention is William will be made Prince of Wales and that would be the title he would use and Kate would be the Princess of Wales, and when William becomes King as a spouse, Kate will automatically become Queen.”

The rule traditionally does not apply to men which is why Prince Philip was never King Consort.

The Duke of Edinburgh was born a prince into the Greek Royal Family but had to renounce his titles when he married the Queen in 1947.

He gained the ducal title upon his marriage and was then made a Prince of the United Kingdom by Her Majesty following her ascension to the throne.

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Speaking to 9 News Australia, Camilla Tominey said: “What’s interesting about her is she is very pivotal. She is the mother of a future King and the wife of a future King.

“As far as the monarchy is concerned and particularly in the absence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, she is a hugely influential figure moving forward.

“There is a degree of talk about transition behind palace gates.

“She’s de facto the next Princess of Wales.


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“The Duchess of Cornwall has never taken that title for obvious reasons but she is effectively the person who is going to fill Diana’s shoes when the time comes.

“I think she feels the weight of that responsibility.

“She’s worn the late Princess’ ring now for more than a decade but that’s where we’re going to see this couple go now.

“The future Prince and Princess of Wales and of course preparing William to become King one day and Kate to be Queen by his side.”

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