Kate under pressure as Duchess has ‘so much riding on her shoulders’ to help Queen

Kate Middleton: 'So much riding on her shoulders' says host

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 40th birthday on Sunday in what is believed to have been a “low-key” arrangement. The Duchess has taken on an increasing number of roles in recent years, and her duties further expanded as senior royal stepped up over the past few months to support the Queen. Commentator Rachel Bowie claimed that the Duchess has  “so much riding on her shoulders” as she keeps herself busy with big projects in the coming months. 

The Royally Obsessed host said: “The lead upto her birthday, where she hosted the carol concert, where we had the stunning behind-the-scenes pictures of her and William at the back of the car when they arrived for the James Bond premiere…

“The James Bond premiere in general, it feels like Kate has so much riding on her shoulders as far as modernising the Monarchy and making it feel not-so-stuffy and I feel like she has a lot a lot coming up this year and will see her take on even more task. 

“The result of the five-question survey, what would she do to kind of act on that. She established a foundation, an off-shoot of the foundation kind of handle those things. We will see more of that.

“And then, the combination that the picture book they released last year, I feel that more big projects she will be taking on.”

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Kate celebrated her 40th birthday by releasing three new portraits which indirectly paid a tribute to the Queen, Princess Diana, and Queen Victoria.

They will enter the permanent collection of National Portrait Gallery of which the Duchess of Cambridge is a patron.

She opted for a trio of Alexander McQueen gowns as she was photographed by fashion photographer Paolo Roversi.

Debbie Frank, a friend of the late Princess Diana, suggested 2022 will be a major year for the Duchess of Cambridge.

She said: “She turns 40 as the Sun and Venus join together, and she feels valued, loved, and in a very good place.

Queen proud of William and Charles for taking on Philip's role

“Kate is ready to shine her light particularly bright on the weekend of February 19th and 20th, and people resonate with her calm, steady aura, which represents all the makings of being a Queen in waiting.

“Spring is her clarion call for her power-couple marriage with Prince William to be centre stage.”

Ms Frank continued: “She loves the togetherness and magic of this team, yet Kate is also committing to patronages and partnerships that give her more responsibility.

“The Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June show her at her magnificent best.

“From mid-Summer onwards, the change in planet Uranus enables Kate to start creating a new home or personal lifestyle that provides a new rhythm for her family.


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“It takes time and requires a fresh start on many fronts, but by late October, she’s established firm foundations.”

And commentator Victoria Arbiter called Kate as the “key figure” of the Royal Family who has handled the seismic shift with much calmness and dignity. 

She said: “Kate exudes a natural human touch having home test skills by observing others in the Royal sphere. She established herself as a key figure within The House of Windsor. 

“Much like the Queen, she employees a keep calm and carry on approach which is beneficial given the Monarchy recent seismic shift. Now on the cusp of her 40th birthday, the precious status to Royal life is only likely to mount. 

“Down with three senior members in a relatively short span of time. The working royals have been left with a gargantuan load, especially in light of the Queen having being ordered to rest up.”

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