Kate warned she must ‘think strategically’ about future role ‘She needs to pace herself’

Kate Middleton should 'think strategically' says expert

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 40th birthday on January 9 with a “low-key” celebration due to the current restrictions in place across England. Commentator Roberta Fiorito claimed that the Duchess needs to think “carefully” and plan “strategically” for the “lifetime experience” of being a royal as she prepares to become Queen. She needs to “pace herself” as she takes on new challenges in a very “discreet” but impactful ways.

The Royally Obsessed host said: “Now, she has big projects going on and you were saying, so I think she just has to think very carefully and strategically, about doing just enough of those.

“Just enough lighting kind of thing, holding back a bit, this isn’t kind of a flash in a pan, one moment of celebrity for her, this is lifetime and so she really kind of pace herself. So I think we’ll see her just stepping up herself in very discreet but impactful ways.”

The host continued: “If you look at the Royal Family, we have the Queen, everyone adores the Queen.

“She is a huge figurehead that people around the world look to, but she [Kate] goes beyond the Queen, I think Kate holds so much an appeal, so much power. 

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“She is kind of the matriarch-in-waiting. I know that we have Camilla, and obviously, she is perhaps gonna be Queen when Charles comes to the throne certainly be the kind of most senior woman in the Family, in terms of that kind of brand of the Royal Family.

“And the whole world, why they are interested? Why do they want to keep reading about the Royals? I think Kate is completely pivotal to that, there is a huge amount riding on her, but I think she will continue to kind of let that too much to her.

“We’ve seen so much of her being very careful, she could have done so much, she could have been like out there all day every day doing all these different engagements, putting her name to all these different things.

“I think what’s clever about her is that she is always very careful and she has always given us just enough.”

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A source close to the Royal Family told People: “Kate is ‘more and more impressive as time goes on. She is a focused and professional woman.”

Royal commentator Claudia Joseph spoke about Kate and the Queen’s strong bond during her interview with the Daily Mail and praises the Duchess for her work as a senior Royal and leading the National Portrait Gallery’s Hold Still project.

She compared the Monarch with Duchess as the future Queen referring to them both as a “product of their generations”.


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The Royal Family’s close source told People: “Kate is ‘more and more impressive as time goes on. She is a focused and professional woman.”

She said:  “She has also had the perfect mentor: the Queen, who has been quietly guiding her.

“They have grown closer since the Cambridges based themselves at Kensington Palace, which is within walking distance of Buckingham Palace, and they often catch up over afternoon tea.”

“It is not surprising that Kate is looking increasingly comfortable as a senior royal.”

Kensington Palace released a trio of portraits of Kate taken by photographer Paolo Roversi to mark the milestone of 40th birthday celebration. 

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