Kate’s approach to royal duty wins out as Duchess shrugs off ‘patronising’ Meghan claims

Kate Middleton is a ‘terrific role model’ for women says Levin

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Angela Levin, a former biographer of Prince Harry, praised the growth that Kate Middleton has shown in recent years. This comes as the Duchess of Cambridge wowed crowds at the red carpet premiere of the latest James Bond film. Ms Levin told GB News that people have “always underestimated her”.

She explained: “People thought she was lazy and just waiting around.

“But what we didn’t know is that she was studying the role very carefully.

“She and William wanted to make sure that she could manage it. We have seen that Meghan couldn’t cope at all.

“It’s not easy at all. It’s difficult There are disadvantages by the score really.”

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Ms Levin continued: “She didn’t want to push forward ahead. She was doing her duty and supporting her husband.

“She is cautious. She doesn’t try to do so many things at once.

“She gets on very well with William, who owes her a great deal. We have seen the difference in him, in the confidence he has in himself.

“We have a woman who is nearly 40 whose goodness inside is showing outside on her face and the way she moves.

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“Kate is a terrific role model for many women. She shows that you don’t have to rush, you don’t have to be the hare in the race. You can take it in your stride.

“What I find awful is that lots of people are saying she is copying Meghan and that is why she is doing better. I think it’s extremely patronising.”

Kate and Prince William joined Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on the red carpet on Tuesday evening this week for the first glitzy royal engagement since the beginning of the pandemic.


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At the Royal Albert Hall, they met several members of the cast and production of the 25th Bond film, including Daniel Craig.

The actor was among the many left stunned by Kate’s outfit, as he told her upon greeting her: “You look jolly lovely.”

Kate and Prince William didn’t bask in the glory of the red carpet for long, as just a few hours later, on Wednesday morning, they were in Northern Ireland in their first-ever royal visit to Derry-Londonderry.

The Duchess of Cambridge showed she is a “queen in waiting” this week, according to royal historian and commentator Dr Tessa Dunlop.

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