Kate’s four-word warning to Prince William laid bare by lip reader

Prince William and Kate Middleton speak to royal fans in Windsor

Kate, Princess of Wales issued a concerned four-word warning to Prince William before the family entered Westminster Abbey for the Coronation, according to a lip reader. Ahead of the crowning of King Charles, the family prepared to enter the Abbey, although Prince George went in separately as he served as one of the King’s Pages of Honour.

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Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis entered the Abbey with their parents, although the family apparently showed up late causing some upset for the King and Queen Consort.

Both wore formal robes with Kate in her colourful Royal Victorian Order mantle, while William donned his Order of the Garter mantle.

While the couple lined up to take their place in the procession Kate was seen whispering some words to her husband, which a lip reader has managed to decipher.

Professional lip reader Jeremy Freeman told the Daily Star Kate turned to William and said “just mind the gown”.

The heir to the throne replied to his wife with reassurance saying: “Don’t worry I got [or caught] it.”

There did not seem to be any issue with the robes during any part of the Coronation ceremony or afterwards when the family gathered on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

In another clip however, King Charles seemed to express some concern as he waited with Queen Camilla in the carriage before entering the Abbey.

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The King reportedly uttered the words “I’m worried” as he had to wait for several minutes before he could enter the venue of the day.

It is thought Kate and William’s lateness forced them to wait, as they had to be in the Abbey before the King and Queen could join the procession.

One lip reader told the Daily Mail they thought Charles said: “I’m worried about time, I mean it’s been longer this time and, well, erm, I mean look! I know.”

Another lip reader claimed to the outlet: “We can never be on time.

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“Yes, I’m…this is a negative. There’s always something.”

Fortunately the ceremony went off without a hitch and the King and Queen were crowned in good time.

Something that did catch viewers’ eyes was the appearance of a Grim Reaper like figure walking in the Abbey during the ceremony.

However it has now been confirmed the mysterious figure was an Abbey verger, a layperson who assists with religious services in the building.

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