Kate’s silent gesture spotted by Royal fans at Prince Philip memorial

Kate Middleton curtsy’s to Queen at Prince Philip’s memorial

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Royal fans spotted the Duchess of Cambridge performing a discreet curtsy as the Queen passed by during the remembrance service for the monarch’s late husband and consort Prince Philip. The polite curtsy was made as the Queen was accompanied down the aisle to her seat at the start of the service. 

Royal fans had to be eagle-eyed to spot the low curtsy from the Duchess.

Kate was joined by Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, and her daughter Lady Louise Windsor in making the respectful bob towards her majesty.

Other royal women at Westminster Abbey for the service did not curtsy upon seeing the Queen.

This is because royal protocol dictates that one should perform curtsy to the Queen only on their “first meeting of the day.” 

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The heartfelt moment between Kate and the Queen comes as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge face criticism for aspects of the couple’s tour of the Caribbean, with some pointing out strong colonial overtones.

Royal expert Omid Scobie has argued that sending William and Kate to Jamaica and the Bahamas has not been enough to counter rising anti-monarchism.

Mr Scobie told the Royal Report podcast: “I think partly through the fact that this was a trip celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and so it was sort of harking back to times of sort of, I guess when Royals were celebrated equally across the world.

“I think it’s sort of in the process completely forgot about being respectful or mindful of the sort of political climates in each country, or what each country is going through.

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“We’ve seen last year with Barbados becoming a republic and the reasons behind that were of course for them to finally sort of claim that independence they’ve had for so many decades.

“So for that to actually mean something, it meant breaking away from the British monarchy.”

He added: “So of course, many other countries are thinking the same.

“I think for whatever reason, it was felt by Kensington Palace that sending over two smiley royals in pretty clothes to sort of entertaining the locals would be enough, and it clearly wasn’t.” 


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It comes after a media expert told Australian TV that the aides around Kate and William have not done enough to make the royal couple “relevant in the post-Facebook and streaming era.”

Telamon Consulting Director Todd Hayward told Sky News Australia: “Look, they need to start spinning because they haven’t changed the protocol or the schedule for a royal visit for about 100 years.

“The Royals have not done enough and the people around them have not done enough to make them relevant in the post-Facebook and streaming era as well.

“Back in the days when we grew up, there were three TV channels. The world was simpler.”

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