Kaylea Titford’s father messaged her as he ‘heard her scream’

Kaylea Titford’s father found guilty of manslaughter

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Kaylea Titford’s parents were jailed for the gross negligence manslaughter of their 16-year-old daughter who was morbidly obese at more than 22 stone.

Her mother, Sarah Lloyd-Jones, 40, admitted the charge in 2022, but her father Alun Titford, 45, pleaded not guilty. He was convicted and jailed for seven years and six months in prison.

It emerged that shortly before Kaylea died, her father heard her screaming and instead of checking on her, the 45-year-old sent her a text message telling her to stop, the court heard.

Sentencing the negligent father, Mr Justice Griffiths said he “ignored the smell and the dirt and the flies and the chaos and the evidence of his own eyes and nose that she was not getting the care she needed.”

He said: “I find it impossible to say that one parent is more to blame than the other. They were both equally responsible and they were both equally culpable.”

The judge added that the obese teen could “see and smell her own filth”.

He told the court it was “obvious to anyone who went into the room”.

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He added: “For a girl of her age and independent spirit this was a part terrible state to find herself in. In her last hours, the night before Kaylea’s body was found cold and dead, her father heard her screaming.

“She had already turned her mobile phone off for the last time. Her father’s reaction to the screaming was to text her telling her to stop twice.

“He did not go and see what the matter was or get whatever help she needed. She was left to die alone.”

Today, March 1, her mother Lloyd-Jones was jailed for six years imprisonment while Titford was given a seven-and-a-half year sentence.

They were told they must serve two-thirds of their sentences before they are considered for release.

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Mr Justice Griffiths said they had committed “shocking and prolonged neglect over lockdown” while handing down their sentence at Swansea Crown Court.

He said: “(Kaylea) would not allow people so much as to push her wheelchair or open a door for her. Everything she could do for herself, she did. But she died just after her 16th birthday.

“You, Sarah Lloyd-Jones, her mother, and you, Alun Titford, her father, caused her death by shocking and prolonged neglect over lockdown.”

Caroline Rees KC, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court: “By the time of her death between October 9-10, Kaylea Titford was living in conditions unfit for any animal, let alone for a vulnerable 16-year-old girl who depended on others for her care.

“Kaylea lived and died in squalor and degradation.”

She added: “Kaylea was bed-bound for many months before her death. Kaylea had not used the toilet or shower since before lockdown. During the last months of her life she was bed-bound, eating, sleeping and defecating in her own bed.”

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