Killer told neighbour ‘I’ve done it before’ while wielding sword

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A man told his neighbour “I’ve done this before” as he threatened him with a sword, a court has heard. Steven Wales, 57 of Bala Street, Anfield, Liverpool was jailed for two counts of possession with intent to supply both cocaine and heroin, affray, being in charge of an out-of-control dog, and possession of a bladed article. The court heard that Wales got involved in an argument between his neighbours with his dog attacking one of the men.

Olivia Beesley, prosecuting detailed two incidents, the first in July 2021 when Wales was caught by police during a drug deal.

The court heard that two plainclothed officers approached a large group of suspected drug dealers, one of which was Wales.

The defendant attempted to swallow the drugs he had on him, but was tackled to the ground by police.

Several bags of white and brown powder were found on him, amounting to 50 wraps, including 3.16 grams of cocaine and 2.11 grams of heroin.

The second incident, the argument between the neighbours, occurred on October 1, 2022.

Wales was not directly involved in the dispute but footage played to the court shows him approaching his neighbour Joshua Johnson with a sword.

Another neighbour, Mr Jackson asked Wales if he was going to kill him to which he replied: “Yes, I have done it before”.

The court also heard that Wales’s dog jumped at Mr Jackson, biting his head and right thigh.

Wales told Johnson if he called the police, “it is not safe, your windows are going in”.

Police arrived shortly after but the dog could not be found.

In a victim’s personal impact statement, Mr Johnson told the court Wales threatened to “put a blade in me”.

Wales has 31 previous convictions for 59 offences, including five involving drugs and one for manslaughter relating to the death of Pauline Beattie, 54, who was found strangled at her terraced home in Chapel Road, Anfield, on June 6, 2008.

He was sentenced to a total of 60 months in prison.

Judge Louise Brandon, sentencing told Wales: “The dispute had nothing to do with you, you approached your neighbour and you pointed the sword at him and you got the dog to attack him.

“He was genuinely concerned for his life and that is not surprising given he was threatened with a sword and a dog.”

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