King Charles and William at odds over Prince Harry’s Coronation visit

Trust is at an ‘all time low’ between Harry and William, says royal expert

Prince William and King Charles III appear divided over Prince Harry’s plan to only make a brief appearance at the monarch’s Coronation next month.

Friends of the senior royals have indicated the Duke of Sussex’s trip to the UK for the Coronation could cause offense given its brevity.

It has been reported that Harry will spend less than 24 hours in the UK before heading home on the day of the event.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, a source described as a “longtime friend” of the Prince of Wales said Harry’s short stay will be a “massive diss” to the Royal Family.

They said: “If he comes for less than 24 hours, it’s a massive diss really. You know, ‘Tell us how you really feel, Harry.’”

They continued: “William’s official position is that he supports his father because he is the king and it’s his coronation.”

But a friend of King Charles also spoke to the news outlet, and suggested that a diplomatic approach is the monarch’s preference when it comes to dealing with his younger son.

They said: “Of course Charles is delighted Harry will be there. He has always made it very clear he loves both his sons and wanted Harry to be there. He completely understands it is going to be a quick trip.”

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s plans for the Coronation was a subject that generated a lot of scepticism.

It has now been confirmed that while Harry attends, Meghan will say at home with the children. Prince Archie Harrison’s birthday is on the same day as the Coronation.

Harry was in the UK in March due to his court case that he brought against the publishers of the Daily Mail, but Charles was reportedly “too busy” to meet with Harry.

A source from the King’s camp dismissed the idea that this was a snub. They said: “No one would be expecting the king to be having private meetings with anyone over that weekend.”

The royals have not directly responded to the criticism levelled against them by Harry in his book and interviews.

But, a friend of Queen Camilla’s – Fiona Shelburne – said she would be “hurt” by Harry’s comments branding her a “villain”.

Mr Shelburne told the Sunday Times: “Of course it bothers her, of course it hurts.

“But she doesn’t let it get to her. Her philosophy is always, ‘Don’t make a thing of it and it will settle down—least said, soonest mended.’”

Another source, described as an aide, told newspaper that Camilla had “an eye-roll response” to Harry’s memoir.

Much of the focus will be on Harry’s interactions with William during the event.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield says William and Kate will “tolerate” the Sussexes.

She told the To Di For Daily Podcast: “Both William and [his wife] Catherine will tolerate Harry’s presence because, despite the bad blood and betrayal, there is a deep love for him in both of them.

“The same could not be said for Meghan. I think William and Catherine would have had a much harder time navigating Meghan’s presence.”

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