King Charles faces hundreds of protestors at his Coronation

Westminster Abbey: Protesters gather against King Charles

The anti-monarchy group Republic are aiming to encourage more people to join their thousand-strong crowd protesting at King Charles’s Coronation, as the movement against the Firm becomes more visible. Republic CEO Graham Smith, speaking exclusively to, also noted the group had seen a boost to their numbers and revenue in recent months, however the Met Police  claimed they have not seen a “noticeable increase” in protests against the King.

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So far this year Republic has protested at royal visits to Colchester and Milton Keynes, as well as gathering outside Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service attended by all senior members of the Firm earlier this month.

Mr Smith said they were hoping to demonstrate during the King’s visit to York on April 6 as they prepare for 1,000 anti-monarchy protesters to descend on central London for the Coronation on May 6.

He told the Express: “We’re hoping that our protests will serve to embolden people following the arrests last year which might have had a chilling effect on protest.”

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth last September a number of arrests were made as some people expressed their anti-royalist views.

A woman in Edinburgh was taken into custody after holding up a sign reading “F**k imperialism, abolish monarchy”, supposedly “in connection with a breach of the peace”.

Later in Oxford author and activist Symon Hill was handcuffed shortly after the proclamation for King Charles III was read for calling out, “Who elected him?”

However Mr Smith added: “I think the ground is more fertile than ever for us to campaign and for more people to get behind the idea of a republic.

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“We’ve seen thousands of new supporters sign up, both members and donors. Our income last year was £286,000, up from £106,000 in 2020. In September alone we had £70,000 of donations and member fee.”

Questions have been raised since Charles became King over whether he will be able to inspire the same levels of respect and admiration in the British people as his mother did.

However, according to the Met Police there has not been a “noticeable increase” in anti-monarchy protests, as an exclusive Freedom of Information request uncovered.

The Met told the Express: “I can confirm that the MPS [Metropolitan Police Service] has not recorded a noticeable increase in protests against the monarchy and its members since September 2022.”

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According to Ipsos polling carried out in January 2023 the Prince and Princess of Wales are the most popular royals, with King Charles slipping down into fifth place.

Those surveyed had a favourable opinion of the royals and Charles overall, but by the tiniest of margins.

Just over half, 53 percent and 51 percent, said they had a favourable view of the Royal Family and the King respectively.

The Queen Consort however was only rated favourably by 38 percent of respondents.

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