King Charles issued warning amid Prince of Wales title row

Booing heard as King Charles III and Queen Consort visit Cardiff

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King Charles III and Queen Camilla paid their first visit to Wales since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Friday. One of their stops in the nation included Cardiff Castle, outside of which the pair were met by a large crowd of well-wishers gathered to take pictures of the new head of state, exchange a few words with the royals and show them their support.

However, a group of anti-monarchists also made an appearance during this official visit, making their position known on the accession of King Charles and his decision to name his firstborn William Prince of Wales.

Upon the royals’ arrival, some of the attendees were heard booing the new King.

Among those in the crowd was former Senedd Member for Plaid Cymru Bethan Sayed, who estimated some 300 people had joined the pre-planned protest.

She told “Why do we have a divine right of Kings to rule over us?

“I want people to start thinking of what that means and how we can have a society free of a Royal Family.

“I think we wouldn’t potentially have been able to protest today had it not been for the fact that the King had announced his son William would become the new Prince of Wales so soon after the death of the Queen. I think that angered people.”

Mrs Sayed also said: “This is by no means the last you will see of us.

“We will plan to organise more in the future. 

“Democracy is such that we should be able to raise our voices and so we were able to do that today.”

Some of the protesters were seen holding placards expressing their position on the Prince of Wales’s title and the monarchy.

One read “End Prince of Wales title” while another stated: “We serve neither King nor Kaiser but Wales!”


Others held pieces of paper reading “#NotMyKing” in reference to the accession to the throne of King Charles following the death of his mother, while another protester held a white sheet with the words “Cancel Royals” written on it.

This comes as a petition launched on named “End ‘Prince of Wales’ title out of respect for Wales” gathered more than 25,000 signatures in less than a week.

Among the signatories who commented on the Prince of Wales title, user Timothy Richards wrote: “The title is an insult to Wales.”

Kevin Blackwell wrote: “The time is now. Let England keep their royalty if they choose it should not be forced on Wales and other countries.”

Charles and Camilla headed to Cardiff Castle as part of the new King’s tour of the four nations.

There, he held an audience with Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, during which the new King said to be “concerned” at how Britons will cope with the cost of living crisis.

The Labour First Minister said he and Charles also discussed climate change among other issues during their audience.

He told TalkTV: “He is concerned as to how people will manage through what is going to be a difficult winter.

“He was interested to tell me about some of the projects that he has heard of, or become involved in dealing, for example, with food waste, making sure that we don’t waste a precious resource when some people might be going without.”

Prior to their meeting, Mr Drakeford – a republican himself – had defended the right of anti-monarchists to protest.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday: “People have that right and I think it will be exercised with restraint and it will be a footnote to the dominant feelings of the day.”

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