King Charles ‘leaves door open’ for Prince Harry – claim

King Charles: Photograph released from first Christmas broadcast

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The monarch is keeping the door open for Prince Harry, it has been claimed. However, Buckingham Palace won’t be drawn into a “constant tit-for-tat” over the issues raised by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their documentary released by Netflix earlier this month.

Appearing on the Mail+’s Palace Confidential programme, royal correspondent Rebecca English said: “The King has made a very conscious decision that this is his son, he loves him.

“He’s not going to respond and the door is always there and is open for him, but you’ve got to ask yourself: how much can one man take?”

King Charles has reportedly not changed his mind about having his son and daughter-in-law at his upcoming Coronation.

While the official invitations for the historic event taking place on May 6 have yet to be sent, sources claimed in mid-December Charles told Harry and Meghan they will be welcome to attend it.

The Harry & Meghan six-part documentary included blistering allegations against the Firm and individual members of the Royal Family.

Among the claims levelled by Harry and Meghan bearing the most damage for the Royal Family, the Duke depicted an upsetting image from the summit held in January 2020 to thrash out the exit terms from the Firm of the Sussexes.

King Charles, his son claimed, was saying “things that just simply weren’t true” while Prince William was “shouting and screaming at” Harry.

The Duke of Sussex also made claims regarding a “dirty game” of royals trading favours with the press and alleged the existence of “leaking” and “planting” of stories.

Harry also said he has made peace with the fact he’ll “probably never gonna get genuine accountability or a genuine apology” from his royal relatives.

Indeed, the Firm hasn’t signalled yet it intends to do so.

As noted by Ms English, neither Kensington Palace nor Buckingham Palace have commented on the claims made by the Sussexes in their programme.

While the King appears prone to extend an olive branch to the Sussexes, the relationship between Harry and William, who were once very close, appears damaged beyond repair.

However, once insider told Ms English there could still be room for rapprochement between the brothers, albeit not in the near future.

She said: “One person, earlier on this year said to me, ‘I can’t believe, given how close they were as brothers that William would ever completely close that door on his brother – they’ve been through too much. And they could see a time in the future… that there is some kind of rapprochement or dialogue’.

“Based on what we’ve seen over the last few weeks and what’s still to come, I think we are talking about the distant future for that.”

This weekend, King Charles and Prince William will likely show a united front as the Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales and their children are expected to head to Norfolk to celebrate Christmas with the King and Queen Consort.

Abiding by the tradition started by the late Queen, Charles and Camilla will head tomorrow morning to St Mary Magdalene Church for the morning service.

Kate and William are expected to also go, accompanied by their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

A few hours later, the Royal Family and the country will gather together to watch the first Christmas broadcast by the King, which he recorded at St George’s Chapel on December 13.

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