King Charles meets refugee families in Aberdeen

King Charles meets refugees in Scotland

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He welcomed refugees from Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan as he learned of efforts to resettle displaced families in the north-eastern city. The council there has worked with the UK and Scottish governments to provide accommodation and critical services such as health and education for people from the three war-torn countries.

In a reception at the city’s Town House the King, who has undertaken several engagements to highlight efforts to welcome displaced people from around the world, met Inna Skvortsova, 34.

The Ukrainian fled her devastated country in April and now has a full-time role at the council assisting with the resettlement programme.

Ms Skvortsova said it was “such an honour” to be invited to meet the King.

She added: “Six months ago I didn’t expect that I would be here, or with the King, his majesty, and now I am proud to represent my country.

“I’m so grateful that the United Kingdom helped me and helped my compatriots.”

The 73-year-old monarch also met Burhan Vesal, who worked as an interpreter with the British Army in the south of Afghanistan.

He also spoke to Mr Vesal’s wife, Narcis, who plans to use her medical experience in obstetrics and gynaecology to work as a doctor in the UK, and their son Sapehr, seven, who is enjoying school in the city.

Before his departure, a choir of school children, university students and some of the refugee families entertained the King with the song The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen.

Aberdeen has managed to resettle about 1,000 Ukrainian refugees, with capacity for more.

About 170 Afghan refugees are currently staying in two hotels in the socalled Granite City and about 30 Syrian families have also been resettled there since 2014.

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