King Charles shows he’s ‘always been a nervous person’ at key royal events

King Charles and Queen Camilla attend Sandringham Flower Show

King Charles III appears to have “settled into the role” on the throne after seeming “nervous” in the early stages, a body language has said.

The King became ascended following the late Queen Elizabeth II’s passing at the of age 96 last September.

But while he had been preparing all his life for the inevitable day he would replace his mother on the throne, it was not so easy for the 74-year-old to step into the new role, according to body language expert Darren Stanton.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Slots, Stanton said: “Charles has settled into the role much more than he appeared to in the early stages of being King.

“He has always been a nervous person and we have often seen character traits which we call pacifying gestures from him – these are what we call ‘hand to mouth gestures’ or gestures where we touch our face, put our hand in our jacket, play with cufflinks or avoid eye contact.

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“Such gestures are all ways that we can reassure ourselves in situations where we lack confidence.”

But Charles is not the only Royal Family member known to exhibit these characteristics, Stanton claimed.

He said: “These key character traits are also noticeable in both William and Harry, with both Royals inheriting these gestures and mannerisms from Charles.

“In their early ages we can see that Harry and William both demonstrated similar traits when they felt anxious.”

And like the King, his two sons have also appeared to loosen up.


Stanton added: “It’s now very much apparent that both Harry and William have evolved and are incredibly confident in their roles.”

King Charles III’s historic Coronation took place on May 6.

His wife, who officially became Queen Camilla, has reportedly encouraged Charles to enact a major royal shakeup.

According to reports, Charles is said to be drawing up plans to axe up to 20 percent of his middle-management staff.

Queen Camilla and the monarch believe that they employ too many staff members who carry out similar tasks, according to the Mail.

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It is understood Charles has long wanted to streamline and modernise the monarchy with the reported cuts expected to hit Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Sandringham and Balmoral in particular.

Royal expert Robert Jobson said staff cuts are a near certainty but Charles wants things done his way.

He told Daily Express US: He’s [King Charles] now the boss, he’s in charge.

“And he wants certain things to be done his way. So the scaling back I think will be done on staff, where you don’t need so many people. They’ve got lots of people who are assistants to assistants to assistants in the royal household. And they will try to cut that right back.

“And they are I think now we’ve had the period of transition, and the crowning with the Coronation, both in Britain and in England and then Scotland, it’s now time to show that he can start doing that. And I think that is what is going to happen.”

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