King’s guard forced to hit emergency button as horse gets out of control

One of the King’s guards had to sound the alarm after the horse he was sitting on became distressed.

A video captured the worrying moment and shows the guard pressing the emergency alarm, which was situated on his right, after the horse begins to get agitated.

Standing outside the Horse Guards in London, one tourist appears to be posing for a picture beside the guard.

The moment, which is believed to have been sometime last week, shows the horse shaking its head, clearly unsettled by something.

The horse begins shifting around, leaving the guard’s eyes wandering over towards the button.

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Huge crowds begin to form, while the guard evidently tries to calm the horse.

Despite his attempt, he decides to call for help with a press of the emergency button.

As this takes place, a sign is placed next to the doorway where the horse and guard are, which read: “Beware horse may kick or bite.”

Many members of the public expressed their concern for the horse on social media.

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One took to social media and wrote: “Clearly, the horse is stressed for a reason. The guard has wonderful horsemanship. As for the tourists, this is not a modelling opportunity – take your photo and move away. The horse is stressed enough as it is.”

Stating that the horse “was not going to settle”, another pointed out how much the guard looked like he was eager to press the button.

They wrote: “That guard was itching to press that emergency button way before he finally did. He kept looking at it.

“I was willing him to ‘press the button’ as it was clear the horse was not going to settle!”

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Due to the end cut of the video, it isn’t clear if anyone responded to the call for help.

While a guard’s role is mainly ceremonial, they are posted for public duties outside of Horse Guards on Whitehall and Buckingham Palace, as well as St James’s Palace.

Although they don’t have a practical role as a part of the British Army’s Household Division, they do patrol the Palaces.

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